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5 Types of Friends you Need in Your Life

There's always been a little part of me that's loved the idea of having one bff to do absolutely everything with, think Miley Stewart and Lily Truscott, the Gilmore Girls or Elliot and ET . And as much as those relationships appeal to me (especially Elliot and ET, I want a bestie who gets sick just because I do, that's real commitment), the older I've become the more I've realised that there's nothing better for you as an individual than to spend time with lots of different people. I guess that's for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the fact that everyone can get a bit annoying after a while - even ET, seriously just stop pointing that glowing finger in my face. But I think the coolest part about surrounding yourself with a variety of different people is the fact that every one of them can bring something different and unique to your life. There's really no way we can expect to grow as an individual by being continually influenced by the same person, think of it like only eating one food group for the rest of your life (but I mean if I had to, I'd pick carbs). So here are 5 different types of chums you need in your life.

1. The Low-Maintenance One 

These types of friends are an absolute gift. They're understanding, non-judgemental and laid back in the best of ways. You could take 6 days to reply to their text and they wouldn't bat an eyelid. They get it. They know that life can be busy and that they can't always be high up in the priority list. What's more, they don't hold it against you if you do disappear off the face of the earth a while, they just welcome you back when you return with open arms and about as much passive aggressiveness as Mother Theresa. And when you do find time to hang out, there's no pressure or expectations for fancy, elaborate plans - pizza, pyjamas and Friends reruns are more than sufficient. 

2. The Cheerleader 

This friend is your biggest fan and makes you feel so bloomin good about yourself. They compliment every outfit, like every Insta pic and absolutely insist that you are way too good for that idiot of a boy. All of the hot air they fill you with comes from a genuine place of love, there's no ulterior motive other than to make you feel utterly fabulous. They celebrate your successes and are always rooting for things to go your way but, if they don't, they're always there to give you a motivational pep talk and a well needed confidence boost. 

3. The Role Model

This is the friend you look up to as a person, not because of the way they look or the things they have. Their traits or actions make you want to better yourself in some way but only ever out of admiration, not jealously. They're usually outrageously kind, courageous or just have their life together in a way that you've not quite yet mastered. There's also a very good chance that they've volunteered abroad for a charity, just to make you feel even more insufficient. 

4. The Go Getter

Go getters are the friends who can't stand a night in and spend their lives on the group chat trying to encourage everyone to stop watching Netflix, get out of their PJs and actually make plans. They're all about road trips and picnics, trips for ice cream and weekends away. They're most likely early risers to ensure that they have time to fit all of their planned activities in to one day and they also tend to know bus routes and timetables strangely well. It's kind of weird. They motivate you to stop being lazy, go outside and seize the day. 

5. Miss Practicality

Miss Practicality is the friend who appears to have it all together. She's no nonsense and straight to the point. She seems to have good, sound advice for every situation and, if you follow it, things always seem to work out for the best. She cares about your feelings but doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. She's the friend most likely to tell you that there's food in your teeth or that your shoes really don't go with your outfit and you should take them off pronto. She's always prepared and is your go to gal for plasters, paracetamol and period disasters. In other words, she's the Mum of the group and if she's not there everyone feels a bit lost. 

Other friends who could be beneficial to have in your life include the one who always seems to know what gigs are happening when, the one who can make a pretty darn spectacular plate of nachos and the one who always gives you the things she doesn't like from her Glossy Box. Just speaking from experience. Which type of gal pals are your fave? Thanks for reading! 


  1. I need a low maintenance friend in my life! Great post :)

    Jodie xx

    1. You definitely do, they're the best. Thank you!! Xx

  2. Nice article, love ths sharing so much!

  3. She's the friend most likely to tell you that there's food in your teeth or that your shoes really don't go with your outfit and you should take them off pronto. south gym are very important to make fit anyone on regular basis.


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