Thursday, 16 June 2016

Big Summer Beauty Haul

For the past few months I've been on the biggest saving spree of life (mainly because I booked a holiday then remebered that I would probs have to eat a lil bit when I was there but then realised hey gal unless eight days worth of food costs £3.54 then you're gonna be a bit hungry). I actually got really good at it, partly because I had no choice cause gal loves food, suncream and water parks, all of which cost money but also because it was a really good way to channel my inner stress and control freak syndrome. So before I knew it, I was on track to win the 2016 Olympic gold for saving, moving more and more of my wages in to my savings whilst my current account screamed in confusion as to why I was cheating on it with this new bank account it had never heard of before and why I'd not paid a visit to ASOS in like 11 weeks.

However, now that our holiday is over and I bought all of the bagels a girl could ever ask for, something has changed. It's like the old me is creeping back and although I desperately want to keep this saving thing up for boring the future, the urge to spend is getting pretty strong and is starting to result in late night impulse buys again (Kate Spade purse holla at was in the sale ok?). So basically I'm going to spell it out - I've bought a lot of stuff and I'm sorry. Stuff that cost too much and stuff that I really don't need (like the time I bought that decorative shell from HomeSense, #why?). So to justify it and to make me feel like less of a terrible person I'm writing this haul of some of my faves of the bits and bobs I've picked up because somehow I've got to a point in my life where if I bought it 'for the blog' it makes it slightly more ok. Although I dabbled in all areas with my purchases, this post is just beauty focused so I'm hoping that I can persuade Blair to use his valuable days off to stand in the freezing cold with a camera and pretend we're on Britain's Next Top Model so I can write some outfit posts. Anyway - on with the haul gal pals.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (£15.50):

I'm just going to get this one out of the way because it's a bit basic and predictable but also slightly embarrassing because omg Emma if you love skincare so much then why have you never tried the biggest cult skincare product of all time? I don't know, I really do not know. I picked up the starter kit when it appeared in my local Boots and from the first use I realised why it's so highly acclaimed. I've been using it twice a day since and I can't stress enough the difference I've seen in my skin. Although I'm still getting the odd hormonal breakout, my skin is a lot clearer and has got such a healthy glow about it and my monster pores which were stressing me out and threatening to swallow anyone who got too close have pretty much disappeared. I'm feeling more and more like I could go makeup free and I honestly can't see myself wanting to try another cleanser any time soon. Although, I'm sure many of you are sitting here reading this like duh boo, we know, where've you been?

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£12):

I've spent more time in The Body Shop staring at this moisturiser (and using the testers) than I'd like to admit. However, when the lady in the shop advised me that the Vitamin E range works best for those with really dry skin, my combo skin and I went home feeling disheartened and regretting not just going for it. So when I saw it in Duty Free in Tenerife airport, far away from The Body Shop lady's judgment, I snapped one up for a nice lil discounted price and slapped it on in the middle of the airport before our flight. It's since been working miracles on my little dry patches that seem to crop up and I've been loving applying it before starting my makeup. I really like its bouncy formula and again it's been leaving my skin nice and glowy and plump.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Sorbet (£8):

I'm going to throw my hands up and say I bought this purely for the smell. I swear that this literally just smells like holiday in a tube. As far as a moisturising sorbet goes, I would say it's nice and cooling to apply however, it is super thick and can make you feel a little bit sticky and dread putting jeans on for the next 20 minutes. But mmmm that smell *heart eyes emoji*. I did buy this to take on holiday and envisaged smelling like a giant fruity cocktail with beachy waves. However, I put it on and went for a nap in the hotel and got a bit hot and sweaty and when I woke up Blair said it had turned in to the worst smell he had ever smelled so that was super cute and totally didn't make me want to cry Pina Colada tears :( .

Stila One Step Colour Correct (£24):

This product is the one that inspired this post because I really wanted to tell you guys about it but was like hmm can I justify writing a whole post about one primer, nahhh probs not. I was first drawn to this Stila primer because of the crazy packaging. The tube itself is clear but inside you can see a solid looking helix shape, with layers of each colour correcting shade. The product comes out as a multicoloured serum which kind of looks like Aquafresh toothpaste but with nicer pastel colours, with green to minimise redness, lavender to counteract sallow undertones and peach to brighten and illuminate. Although, I really liked how the primer applied, it wasn't until I put foundation on top that I realised just how bloomin magical it really is. My makeup applied like a dream and stayed put all day, however, my skin really looked flawless and had such glow. I've never had such an omg reaction to a product in my life and I think I'll probably never buy another primer until I die tbh.

Stila Eye Shadow Compact in Kitten (£12):

I felt like it would be kind of rude to go to the Stila counter and just buy one thing so I decided to get a compact in the shade Kitten to be a friend to my primer. However, before any of you (especially my Mother) roll your eyes at my 'irresponsible' choices, this was actually a really sensible purchase because it's also one of the best bloomin highlighters I've ever owned, a moment of appreciation for 2 in 1 products please. The colour itself is a shimmery, frosty nude but it does have slightly peachy undertones which makes it the perfect highlight shade and I've been obsessed with applying it to my cheekbones and cupids bow with my finger. Thanks Stila, love you.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes (£5.50):

I literally did a little wee of excitement when I found out that a NYX counter had finally arrived in our local Boots and I knew that I would be making a beeline for the lip products. Having heard only amazing things about the soft matte lip creams I bargained with myself that I would narrow it down to three to try. Luckily for my bank balance, only one of the shades I wanted was in stock so I was only able to pick up warm rosey nude Cannes. I am obsessed with the formula of this product which applies like a dream and is not drying in the slightest. I can't believe these are only £5.50 and there is a small possibility that I might end up buying one in every shade.

Mac Matte Lipstick in Whirl (£15.50):

Did you really even go to the airport if you didn't buy a Mac lipstick though?? Dirty rose shade Whirl was my airport pick for this holiday and it's one I've been lusting after for a while. Although it's in Mac's matte range, it is still really creamy to apply which I like. It's really wearable and I've become a bit obsessed with it since we've come home so I think it might quickly become one of my new faves.

Have you tried any of these products? What beauty bits and bobs have you been buying recently Thanks for reading! 


  1. I cannot believe that I haven't tried the cleanse and polish either!!! I really need to! I'm currently holiday saving too, waahhh x

  2. I have to try Stila One Step Colour Correct because it looks amazing :D
    Also, MAC lipstick is always a good choice :D

    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle

  3. What an amazing selection of products I love the piñata body sorbet, sounds lovely.

  4. That mac lipstick is on my wishlist! EEeeeep!

  5. i know how you feel, i save for a while but then the real me comes back and blows the lot of something girlie, ha who am i kidding i blow the lot on my kids! but i can dream......


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