Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday Five #5: 6th May 2016

Hey chummies, I'm super duper happy to be back posting another Friday Five because believe it or not, I've not posted one since the beginning of bloomin April!! Throwback Thursday (Friday) to my first ever Friday Five when we thought that there was a possibility of this becoming a weekly thing, lol like that was ever going to happen. However, as much as I struggle getting round to posting them, I really love writing these posts because it does just feel like sitting down with a coffee and chatting with my gal pals, so I really hope that you like reading them and being on this weird virtual coffee date with me too. This week has been my first official week of chilling and I literally feel like a new woman. I've already been able to catch up with lots of TV and lots of friends (not sure which I've preferred tbh) and I just feel so bloomin free and independent. However, I'm seriously looking forward to Blair finishing up next week so we can start going on trips to the zoo and getting excited for our holiday which is less than three weeks away (!!!),  although I'm so unprepared so I'm pretty sure next week will be full of last minute holiday shopping panic as opposed to cute zoo trips. However, without further ado, here are my faves from my first week of freedom.


If you've been keeping up with my blog posts recently then you'll know that I'm currently all about seizing the day and making the most of my time off Uni, and on bank holiday Monday I did just that. My Dad and I decided to get up super early, attach our bikes to the car rack (which is literally the most disconcerting thing in the world fyi) and head up to the Trossachs, near Loch Lomond, for a day of cycling. The views were absolutely stunning and I felt so emosh and lucky to live in such a beautiful country. It was also so good getting back on my bike again after a Winter apart (although I'm struggling to sit down now). As we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere, my phone had no signal all day and it was so refreshing to just have a internet-free day being at one with nature, I literally cycled around feeling like a physical embodiment of the flower crown snapchat filter all day. 


I seriously think that the stars aligned when it was decided that season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would air on Netflix in the middle of April, conveniently coinciding with mine and my friends' Summer holidays. I have seriously been resisting the urge to binge watch the adventures of everyone's fave red headed, ex-underground bunker resident this week and I'm currently desperately trying to put off watching the last episode of the season because I can't deal with having to wait another year for more episodes, cryyy. If you haven't seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt before then you should seriously get on that. It's going to sound weird but it's basically about a girl who was kept underground by a weird cult leader for 15 years who is now free and living her life with her new found besties in NYC. However, because she missed out on 15 years of her life she has no idea how to adult and acts about 8 years old. Kind of like me, but what's my excuse?


This week Hannah and I did what we do best and went on a late night Asda shopping spree with the intentions of buying all of the sweets, crisps and popcorn our tummies desired and, as per, got slightly carried away. However, our best purchase definitely had to be two giant tubs of the Haribo jelly babies which usually come in the Haribo Supermix packets and, lets be honest, are definitely the best, like who even wants those shoes? Hannah, quite rudely, refused to take any of them home so I've been left with copious amounts of colourful little men to work through and I'm seriously not proud of how quickly they're disappearing. They're so addictive and I keep finding myself subconsciously leaving the room with a handful every time I pass through the kitchen. Lol what holiday in 18 days? To be fair, there's only like 7 calories per sweet so you should deffo get yourself down to Asda and pick up a tub for yourself so you can experience these same feelings of intense happiness (and gluttony).


This favourite kind of occurred by accident as a result of me loosing my fave under-eye concealer, Fake Up by Benefit (lets be real, it's in a handbag somewhere), and grabbing Erase Paste instead when I was rushing about in the morning. I've had this concealer for ages and I'm not sure if I wasn't using it properly or just didn't really notice how good it was but I'm so surprised that it's taken me until now to fall in love with it. It comes in a little pot with a spoon-like contraption, which I've kind of just ditched for the time being, and has the nicest, blend-able consistency with really good coverage. I am loving using this to cover up my dark circles, which are totally unjustifiable considering the amount of sleep I'm getting (10 hour sleeps forever please), and on my pesky spots because my skin is seriously lashing out at me for no reason at the moment which is super rude.


If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat then you may have seen me chatting (bragging) about training for a half marathon later this Summer. I'm currently slightly regretting disclosing this information because after a couple of runs which were only 1/5th of the distance I'd actually have to run in August, I'm seriously having trouble with walking and not looking like I need to go to the loo. So the aforementioned half marathon may be shortened to a 7K or just scrapped all together and replaced with a few trips to McDonalds for 20 chicken nuggets but I'll keep you posted. However, since I have been running more recently, I've gotten back in to using the Nike Running app again. I'm the type of person who loves to track their progress and watch numbers and stats improve (tell me I'm amazing and super fast please and thanks) so I love that this app gives you a break down of your run and tells you your statistics like your fastest mile and what not. I also love how super encouraging the little Nike lady is in your ear and I feel like I want to run faster just to impress her. The app also shows you a map of your run and I want to start running in cool shapes instead of just a straight line, have you seen that guy who spelled out 'will you marry me?' on his run route?! I die.

What have you been loving this week babes? Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I am also a huge fan of Benefits Erase Paste. Currently using a miniture version but think I will be rebuying a full sized one!

  2. Pretty enjoyable moments! Have a lovely weekend, dear :)

    Lu |

  3. I really need to step away from the Haribo... I love the coca cola bottles the best.


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