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8 Holiday Beauty Must Haves

The countdown is on and with less than two weeks until Blair and I jetset off on holiday, I'm finally starting to get organised (and by that I mean I've bought one cute lil Boux Avenue bikini which may make an appearance on Insta if I fit in enough cycles and swims between now and then). As you know, I'm quite the planner and I do tend to get a little bit stressed when it comes to packing *checks I've packed my retainer 18 times a minute*, so this year I've made bullet journal lists galore just to check (and quadruple check) that we have everything we need. However, out of everything that needs to be done, I definitely find packing beauty products the most difficult. I love getting ready with all of my luxuries at hand so narrowing them down and planning for every beauty eventuality is so bloomin hard. So this week, I've combed through my collection and picked out 8 products I simply couldn't leave behind for a week in the sun.

1. Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser

I turn in to a little bit of a moisturiser fiend when I'm on holiday, mainly because your gal wants to keep the tan she worked so hard for. However, there is nothing worse than applying a sticky, heavy moisturiser that feels thick and greasy on your skin after a day of chilling by the pool. The Vaseline Spray and Go is my absolute fave holiday moisturiser as it comes in an aerosol can and applies as a thin, lightweight mist that can be rubbed in within a few seconds leaving you instantly feeling like a dolphin smooth beach babe. It's basically the ultimate lazy gal moisturiser which is perfect for when you're in zero effort holiday mode. Plus the Cocoa Radiant scent smells like chocolate, sun and everything nice and will make you breathe a sigh of Summer holiday happiness every time you use it.

2. Tony and Guy Sea Salt Spray

I've lost count of how many bottles of this Tony and Guy treasure I've worked my way through. It's essentially beachy waves in a spray and can be used on damp or completely dry hair which means umm heck yes you can use it on three day old, chlorine poisoned hair. I love using it as a little cheat just before a day at the beach or by the pool to help get those natural tousled waves we all crave year round because, without it, my hair goes more drowned rat than Australian Insta famous model tbh.

3. CocoWhite Oil Pulling Sachets

I've been using CocoWhite on and off for over a year and would literally preach to anyone and everyone about how much it's helped to whiten my teeth despite being completely natural and chemical free. There's nothing I love more than gleaming white teeth with a babelicious tan so I've already been using a sachet every couple of days in the lead up to going away and will definitely be taking a couple with me to top it up. Stay tuned for super smiley insta pics.

4. Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

I usually go makeup free during the day on holiday because I literally can't stomach the thought of wearing it in the heat, I swear I've not come across a primer that would convince me otherwise as of yet. However, I do like getting a lil dolled up at night, especially for going out for dinner, so I will always opt for a BB cream over a foundation. I'm pretty obsessed with the Body Shop All-In-One as it's super lightweight but also really moisturising and glowy. The cream also comes out white then adapts to match your skin tone so I love that it pretty much always matches my complexion as I get more tanned through out the week.

5. Sasy n Savy Normal to Oily Skin Care Travel Kit

It's super rare that I find that everything I'm currently using in my skincare routine is by the same brand but recently I've been absolutely loving everything in the Sasy n Savy Travel Kit. The kit contains a spearmint and lavender sea salt foaming cleanser, a purifying facial toner, revive facial lotion and recovery masque créme, all of which are natural and organic. Although I'm loving all of the products, I'm obsessed with the foaming cleanser which is super cool and refreshing on the skin so will be bloomin blissful after a day in the sun. I also love that the products are all minis so are super easy to travel with meaning you don't need to compromise some of the steps in your normal skincare routine when you're away. I'm seriously looking forward to having a masque with me on holiday because I usually don't have space for such a luxury and they get left behind so I'm hoping I can convince Blair to have a lil holiday pamper night with me.

6. Batiste Tropical Coconut and Exotic Dry Shampoo

I am literally the queen of dry shampoo and all of my friends know that I always have a little can in my bag 'just in case'. Although these are obviously fab for when your hair has stuck to your head a bit in the heat and looks a bit bleugh or for when you choose to have an extra hour of sunbathing rather than wash your hair (which is a perfectly valid decision), they are also amazing for just giving your hair that extra bit of volume when it's looking slightly deflated. Plus the tropical - coconut and exotic scent is probably the most delicious, Summery fragrance you could ever have the pleasure of smelling. I seriously can't go a day without using this and if I forgot to pack a can I would definitely have a cry before Google Maps-ing the nearest Boots.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Fragrance

I think I would probably have an existential crisis if this perfume was discontinued because then I would stop smelling like me. I've been using SJP NYC since I was a pre-teen and no matter how far I stray I will always come back to the fruity, floral fragrance that I know so well and love so much. I take this perfume on holiday every single year and it's become such a Summer scent for me. Plus it's actually super cheap so I don't feel bad for being on like my 10th bottle.

8. Classic Carmex

Good ol' classic Carmex, I bloomin love the stuff. A good lip balm is essential for going away especially since plane journeys and the sun dry your lips out like crazy. I love how moisturising and soothing Carmex is and I always feel like my lips look naturally full and nourished after just one application. Plus it contains SPF 15 so you don't need to worry about burned, chapped lips because that is not cute.

What are your holiday beauty essentials? Thanks for reading!

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*Some of the products in this post have been sent to me for review but all opinions & Summer beauty faves are my own. 


  1. Reading this post has got me really excited for my holiday in June! I think I'm going to try the Vaseline moisturiser to take with me as I hate the sticky feeling in the heat and the cocoa scent sounds lovely. Dry shampoo and spf lip balm will also be an essential in my suitcase too!

    Sami x | Daisy Daydreams

  2. I really need to try these coconut pulling things! Great post hun, youve reminded me to stock up on dry shampoo lol x

  3. Love a moisturising spray - so easy to use. And I have heard so many good things about the Body Shop BB cream that I think I have to try it. Hurry up pay day!

  4. Perfect timing for a post like this, ready for holiday season. Some great advice

  5. I love a good BB cream. La Roche Posay has an excellent matt one which I will be taking on holiday.

  6. Feeling incredibly jealous that you are going away and I am not (cries) but I hope you have an amazing time! Your beauty must haves are spot on, especially the vaseline moisturiser, that stuff is amazing!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  7. Everything are such essentials!
    Jabeen x

  8. I love the sound of that sea salt spray. Great post!

    Ella xx

  9. I can see you're very well prepared for holiday. I hope you're having amazing fun right now :))


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