Friday, 8 April 2016

Reversing the Routine with TRESemmé

I am in a committed, long term, love hate relationship with my hair. What can I say? Sometimes unpredictable, mostly disobedient and ALWAYS flat. If you've read my What's in My Shower post, you'll know that if a shampoo or conditioner doesn't have the word "volumising" on the front then, sorry honey, it's not for me. Who knows what's actually in it that merits that declaration, but hey I'm just going to buy it anyway and not ask questions. So when I saw that TRESemmé had brought out their most voluminous range yet, "Beauty-Full Volume", I was already sold. However, there was more, because this is no ordinary volumising hair care range, as TRESemmé are encouraging us to reach for our conditioner bottles before our shampoo. Yes you did read that right and yes I was weirded out too.

I have to admit, when I first saw the #ReverseTheRoutine ads going around, gimmick alarm bells were going slightly crazy in my head. Luckily, I'm a sucker for a gimmick so it only enticed me more. (Plus I knew that, either way, it would be super fun to write about which is always a bonus). So I rushed down to Boots to pick up the shampoo and conditioner set. However, someone must have been looking out for me and the shampoo was sold out, meaning I had to walk the extra three minutes to Superdrug, only to discover it was half price there. I feel like Superdrug is that friend that I always forget to make time to hang out with but when I do I have a really nice time and remind myself to do it more often, thanks Superbae. So with my new volume in a bottle and some extra unexpected pennies in my pocket, I hurried home to have a shower straight away, because using conditioner before shampoo is pretty much as wild and exciting as it gets if I'm honest.

I started by using a few pumps of the conditioner through my hair, which smelled amazing and appeased all of my medusa tangles from the day straightaway, and left it in for one minute before washing it out. My hair felt super sleek and smooth so it felt kind of strange and unnatural to pick up my shampoo bottle and undo all the work the conditioner had just done. I then went on to shampoo my hair as normal but found I could really work my hands through my hair and get right to my scalp because the conditioner had got rid of all the knots and tugs. I washed the shampoo out and although my hair felt slightly more matted and clumped together than it would if I'd finished with conditioner, I didn't feel like I was desperate for another condition like I thought I would be. I then used some Soap and Glory Whipped Clean, Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and shaved my legs but that's not really relevant so lets just move on.

Despite fears that using the shampoo without conditioning afterwards would make my hair really knotted, my tangle teaser brushed through with ease and I don't know if it was wishful thinking or not but I'm pretty sure my hair looked more voluminous than usual even when it was still wet. However, as soon as I started blowdrying I noticed a difference in the texture of my hair and when it was all dry I realised that this was one gimmick that actually works as my hair had dried the nicest it had done in ages and looked super full but still healthy and shiny.

The science behind the routine reversal is that the conditioner is nourishing enough to withstand the shampoo wash afterwards and still leave your hair smooth and protected, whilst the shampoo cleans your hair but also washes away the conditioner which can often weigh it down. As a logical kinda gal, this makes sense to me as I'm always scared to use too much conditioner or leave it in for too long because I sometimes feel like it coats my hair and makes it flatter. I think because of this, my hair sometimes wasn't getting the nourishment it needed because I was so desperate to wash it out quickly and didn't allow it time to do its job. So I'm hoping that using this range will mean my hair becomes a bit healthier as well as more voluminous and VS angel-like.

I've been using the range for exactly two weeks now and can't see myself using anything else any time soon. I've seen such a difference in the fullness of my hair and I even think it's been straightening and curling better as it's not as wispy and flyaway. Plus, it's taken me this long to get used to conditioning first that I don't think my brain would cope with going back to the 'normal' shampoo and conditioner routine! If you're someone with moderate to fine hair like me or just feel you want to introduce a little bit more volume and texture then I couldn't recommend this range highly enough and I hope you have as much success with it as I have. Let me know in the comments what hair care ranges you're loving at the moment. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have a sample of this and have been meaning to try it for ages but was so scared of drying my hair out! Glad you had a good experience with it. I'm keen to try it now :)


    1. Hope you enjoy it! It's definitely not drying. Xx

  2. I use the John Frieda blonde highlight activating shampoo and conditioner (I'm not sure it's actually made a difference to my colour, but it smells amazing haha) and I've been doing reverse washing as well - it makes such a big difference! My hair feels so much softer and lighter! :)

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. I've heard a lot about that range and the lightening spray as well, I really want to try the lightening brunette spray for summer!! It really does make such a different, can't see myself ever going back now! Xx

  3. This sounds amazing! Will definitely be picking this up! Great post 💕 Xx


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