Thursday, 17 March 2016

Saying Goodbye to My First Car

If you follow me on Instagram then you may know that on Monday I finally picked up my new car - a lil VW Polo called Bella who's super sporty and way too cool for me. I am already so in love with her and I genuinely keep leaving places early because I'm excited to drive home (mainly just Uni, lol hey). I even arrived at the train station a whole four minutes before my train yesterday, long may this new lease of life continue. However, as much as I'm obsessing over Bella, there's a kind of bitter sweet aspect to it since I'm saying goodbye to my first car that I loved so dearly. If you know me well or read my blog often then you'll probs know that I'm a super sappy, sensitive person. I love to attach meaning or memories to things and I've always been one to become overly attached to inanimate objects (throwback Thursday to the time I left my rubber ring on holiday and we nearly had to get the next flight back to retrieve it because I cried so much). Plus my hormones are having some sort of hormone party in my head and I've only had a combined total of 15 hours sleep over the past three nights. So it only makes sense that I've spent of lot of time this past week reminiscing about the memories I've made and growing up I've done in my little car and it really does feel like the end of an era.

I got my first car, Lux, for my 17th birthday to learn to drive in because my parents' cars were way too big, and quite frankly, they didn't trust me not to smash them in to smithereens. All of my friends came over for my birthday and we took a cringy photo of all nine of us hanging out of the car like little meercats. I was one of the oldest and one of the first to learn to drive and I remember us being so excited and planning all the adventures we'd get up to because omg we're so independent and grown up now gals, we have a real life, actual car.

I didn't take too long to learn to drive and after one failed attempt at my driving test (I came home and cried whilst watching Arthur all night), I finally passed in February 2014. It was such an exciting time in my life and all my friends would pile in ready for a road trip, yet we somehow always ended up at the McDonalds down the road like the true adventurers we are. Fries over drives, duh. However, as soon as I passed, I started to struggle with confidence in the car and was quite a nervous driver. I hated feeling like it was holding me back and made such a conscious effort to become a bit braver behind the wheel (I wrote a post about it here). Looking back, I feel so emosh at how much my driving has improved since then and, ya know, your gal can actually join motorways now without doing a little mini sick and sweating profusely.

I think one of the main reasons I'm feeling sentimental about selling my first car is that I feel like I'm letting a little piece of my teenage years go. I've made so many memories in that little car that are so defining of my late teens so the two seem really interlinked. It's the car my two best friends and I piled in to on our last day of school and drove away without looking back, screaming and laughing because omg we've left and what now? It's also the car Blair and I visited his future Uni halls in and cried when we got home because we didn't want to live apart (thankfully he didn't move in to them in the end). My friends and I have sat in there for hours having countless deep chats and it was almost like our equivalent of a little den you'd build when you were younger. And although we can still drive about the same roundabout 6 times singing our hearts out to Jubel, that amaze sax/dubstep song, in the new car, I have a feeling it might not feel the same. We've all laughed in there and cried in there and all of these little snapshots of our lives will forever be linked with the little pink fiesta, and now I feel like we're closing the door on that chapter.

However, as we all know, when one door closes, another one opens and I'm super excited to see what the next few years bring. I've signed up to a 48 month payment plan for my new car so I'll definitely be keeping her for the next 4 years. This means that I'll be coming up for 24 when it's time to start thinking about shopping around again and it's so crazy to think that by then I will have graduated and will be in to my second year of teaching (if I've not given it all up to become a full time mattress tester by then). I suppose I just wanted to write this post to mark the occasion and acknowledge the fact that we're all growing up a bit. I'm usually ok with that but this week I just needed a little time to mourn (pesky hormones, I'm telling ya). I really couldn't have asked for a better first car and I seriously hope her new owners look after her and love her as much as I do (and also no hanky panky in the backseat because I can tell you for a fact she deffo won't like that).

Do you find yourself getting really attached to your car? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aww I was so very excited to get rid of my first car which was a White Micra and was quite frankly a death trap!! So exciting getting a new car! x

    1. Hahahaha, it really is so exciting! Xx

  2. Aw I remember that feeling well. I can still picture the other person driving off in my car, and I secretly keep it a photo of it on my computer :)

    1. Awww I'm so glad I didn't see that sight as I sold her to a garage! I'll definitely be doing the same. Xx

  3. Aw! It was so lovely reading it. I can't wait to get my own car. I love to drive and have yet to pass my driving test. I'm not in a rush but whenever I see my fave car Honda civic 2007 running smoothly on the road, I can't help but envy the driver behind the wheel.

    This post reminded me of my iPod 5. I loved it so much. I had to sell it when I got my first iPhone on my 18th birthday in August. It was very sentimental to let something too dear to me go. But of course, I didn't need it anymore. Life goes on if only we embrace the changes. All that's left behind is the stack of bittersweet memories! x

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Thank you! My old car was a fiesta and that was my favourite car for years before I got one!! It's funny how we get attached to inanimate objects like that and they become sentimental. Xx

  4. I'm a car lover (and an slightly older than yourself so have been through many a car), however, I personally find selling a car bitter sweet, as since 16 I've never been without a car, I've always sold one to get one.. But as you mention, there's always been memories and sentimental moments with them all. I'd have them all back if I could as I loved them all for different reasons also.
    However, I've had VW's (since working for them) for the last 9 years and although I've had a handful, there's never been a faulty reason for me to change, just, wanting something new. So, you'll definitely grow attached to Bella.
    I currently have a VW Polo GTi and love it more than anything. (apart from my I set off to collect people early, so I can dawdle along. :)


    1. I've had her for a week now and already so attached. The GTis are lovely, I have an R Line. I'm still arriving for my train early so long may it continue!! Xx


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