Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday Five #3: 11th March 2016

Umm hi, I'm back with my tail between my legs because I've not posted since last week's Friday Five which was definitely not supposed to happen (cue Sharpay's 'this is not what I want, this is not what I planned' Stick to the Status Quo solo). I've missed blogging so much this week and I've spent some desperate spare moments hiding in the back of coffee shops trying to catch up with everything but, as I'm sure many of you will know, it's THAT time at Uni again. (You know, the time that makes you binge eat Hula Hoops and question why you ever put yourself through the torture that's formally known as a degree??). And as we're all aware, I've not quite yet mastered how to balance blogging with everything else that needs to be done during THAT time, so here we are. I promise your gal's going to be a time management pro next week. Anyway, despite being super busy, I've actually had a nice little jazzy week so here are five of its best bits.


Last Friday I finished putting my makeup on and took one last look in the mirror when, all of sudden, I decided that I never wanted to wear that foundation again and needed a new one pronto (as in that day). I've been using Mac Studio Fix Fluid for just under a year now and for such a long time I was obsessed with it. However, for the past few months, my skin has been so dry, despite my best attempts to literally drown myself in moisturiser, and I've had so much trouble blending my Studio Fix and making sure it didn't cake in my dry patches which is cute. I made a tweet asking what drug store foundation I should try and so many people were raving about No7 Stay Perfect. After a bit of research, I went straight to Boots, got colour matched and bought a bottle that day and I'm so glad I did. I've been wearing it all week and, as sad as it sounds, when I wake up in the morning I'm actually excited to get ready and put it on. It blends so well, has such a nice glow and stays on all day. I'm also finding that I can last the whole day without having to touch up my T-Zone with powder which is literally a God send (#CombinationSkinProblems). I was planning on just using this foundation temporarily until I had some time (and money) to get something a bit more high end but No7, you babes, I am sold so thank you for saving my skin and my bank account.


One of my favourite things about Edinburgh is that there's so many cute independent cafes and restaurants dotted around the city. This week I went on the loveliest lunch date with two of my Uni babes to Kilimanjaro Coffee on Nicolson Street. The cafe itself is so cute and rustic but omg lets just talk about the food for a minute. Despite wanting practically everything on the menu, I went for a Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Ciabata because I literally can't turn down anything with Brie and Cranberry- I physically can't. I also got a Banana and Strawberry smoothie because your gal forgot about her health kick way back in January, so I should probably rectify that. They were both so delish and it makes my heart happy and tastebuds tingle just thinking about it. After we left, I also discovered that they do proper pretty latte art with flowers and stuff so obv I'm going to have to go back because that would look hella cute on my Insta.


During the aforementioned foundation shopping trip I may or may not have got distracted and made a few detours. The next thing I knew I was in the Topshop changing rooms with four pairs of jeans and a dress. Thankfully I managed to resist the urge and narrowed it down to these beaut ripped Jamies. I've been doing dance for the past couple of weeks at Uni and being in a hall surrounded by mirrors has made me realised that maybe high waisted jeans aren't made for gals like me who are already 80% legs: 20% torso. So after discovering that I've been walking around looking like a giraffe (thanks for telling me guys) I decided to go for another pair of low rise and give the high waisters a well deserved break. So far I've been loving them and have been feeling super edgy with my rips. 'Yes random adult, I can actually afford jeans without rips, it's called style, look it up.' The only down side is that I'm finding myself having to shave my knees way more than I can be bothered, but swings and roundabouts.


Blair and I are big fans of a lil date night here and there but we do usually tend to go for the stereotypical dinner or cinema date (which, don't get me wrong, I love because duh food and duh movies and food). However, this week, in an exciting turn of events we decided to mix things up a bit and booked a lane for bowling. Surprisingly, it turned out that booking wasn't all that necessary as we had the whole alley to ourselves, who knew that bowling at 8:30 on a Wednesday night isn't a thing? Bowling is one of those things that I think I'm really good at but in reality when I check the little screen I realise my ball was only going at 5.3mph. Despite Blair insisting that he hadn't been since he was like 6 (I'm not buying it), I was well and truly defeated but the blow was deffo softened by the red and blue slush puppy we got at the end. We had such a fun night just spending proper quality time together and it reminded me that it's always the little things that stand out as my happiest moments of the week.


Although we didn't do anything particularly special for it (but I did give my Mum some hella cute gifts, if I do say so myself), I always love Mother's Day because it makes me feel all emosh and gives me the urge to give my Mum lots of cuddles much to her disgust. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing, supportive Mum and having a day just to celebrate and appreciate that is so nice. I've loved seeing how our relationship has developed since I've become an 'adult' and now she's a lovely advice-giver/carer/wardrobe-sharer/bestie all in one. Plus, most importantly, she's a spell checker for all my blog posts so come upstairs gal and inform me of all my inevitable mistakes please and thanks, love you.

What have you been up to this week? Thanks for reading!

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  1. it seems as if you've had a great week! it's a busy time at uni for me too so i completely know how you feel :( your new jeans are lovely and your lunch looks so good

    xo Sarah

    1. It was fab thanks! Aww best of luck, it's such a horrible stressful time. Thank you. Xx

  2. I love bowling


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