Friday, 4 March 2016

Friday Five #2: 4th March 2016

It's fair to say this week has been pretty jam packed. It was the week that saw our beloved Leo finally win an Oscar and never have I seen the Internet so content. This week also sparked the 'period leave' debate as to whether us gals should get time off work for our 'womanly problems'. I kind of foresee this resembling swimming in high school PE where every single girl had their period every single week so the swimming pool just remained empty except from that one keen bean in a speedo swimsuit who was training for her next gala. 'Umm hi I can't come in to work today, or ever again, because I'm menstruating and will be continuing to do so for the rest of my life. Send my paycheque in the mail though, okay thanks bye'. We also had a lil cheeky extra day in the form of the 29th of Feb which I so wisely spent binge drinking coffee to the point where my eye was doing a cute little twitch which was nice. Ps a big Happy Birthday shoutout to that 72 year old man who turned 18, hope you had a fab night and stayed away from the j├Ągerbombs. As for this week's saga of the on going soap that is American Politics starring Donald Trump? Let's not go there.

In other news, I managed not to miss a single train this week and the only lecture I planned to sleep in for ended up cancelled anyway so thanks to my guardian angel for that one. This little blog also hit 50,000 views which is pretty insane and I've now welcomed my 4 lovely March advertisers to my blog who you should definitely check out in my sidebar! In case you're new or didn't catch my last Friday Five post, these are super chatty posts in which I share 5 things I've been up to or loving throughout the week. So now that everyone knows what's happening here, we can proceed.


As much as I hated swimming in school and was one of those aforementioned girls who brought in a note from my 'Mum' excusing me from it every week (lol joke, my best friend wrote this at break), in the past year or so I've developed a new found love for it. I definitely go through phases of being motivated enough to go to the pool, because who actually enjoys the smell of chlorine and pulling tight jeans over semi-wet legs, but I've been managing to go once a week for the past few weeks. As much as I love swimming with other people, this week I went by myself and worked so much harder, mainly because it's awkward to just stand in a pool alone so you need to keep swimming continuously in order to not look like an absolute weirdo. It's definitely one of my favourite ways to exercise not only because it works your whole body but because it always makes me feel super good mentally, swimming pools are good places to do some thinking FYI. Plus a cheeky lil sauna sesh at the end is such a nice treat.


Although I love my nudes and light pinks, there'll always be a special place in my heart for super bright lipsticks and one of my all time faves is Morange by Mac. Since it is such a bright, shocking shade of orange you have to pretty selective about what you wear it with because it is so easy to cross the line in to clown make up territory. Nothing goes better with orange than eh so I loved wearing Morange with this beaut polo necked jumper this week. The combo, paired with a monochrome checked coat, made me feel super sassy all day and reminded me why I love this lipstick so much.


This week has actually been the first week in months where I've not felt like I've been drowning in Uni work so I made the most of it and made like three different sets of plans with friends, umm who am I and what have I done with me? One of these miraculous ventures out of my bedroom was spent catching up with my bestie Hannah over a long overdue Wagamamas. This is one of our fave places to go together and we have many a fond memory there (mainly the time when a waiter that we knew gave us free squid but it was the most disgusting thing known to man so we wrapped it up in a napkin and put it in Hannah's handbag before pretending that we'd finished every bite and loved it). It was such a good night which was definitely down to 50% the company and 50% the food (Firecracker Chicken you bae) and it was so nice to actually go out somewhere rather than lying in bed on our phones with double chins like we usually do.


The nights are finally starting to get longer and the mornings are getting lighter which is starting to set off Summer alarm bells in my head. As soon as it starts to get sunnier, I'm always compelled to start listening to Wanted on Voyage again, which is one of my absolute all time fave albums. Since it came out, it's been the soundtrack to my Summers and it's wrapped up in so many amazing, sunny memories from the past 2 years. This week I've had it on repeat for the first time in ages and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. I can totally imagine myself showing it to my Grandkids in 60 years time accompanied with some 'back in my day' stories. Hopefully my babe George will have actually released some new music by then, please and thanks.


I'm a bit of a sucker for a crime drama/documentary and just as quickly as the Making a Murderer shaped hole in my heart appeared, it was filled with my new obsession: The People V. OJ Simpson. If you haven't heard of it (where have you been gurl?) it's a highly addictive, star-studded series depicting the events around Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman's murders and O.J Simpson's trial. It has honestly become the highlight of my week and every Monday night Blair and I sit down with copious amounts of snacks to watch it and barely utter a word to each other because we're so engrossed. It's on at 9pm on Monday nights on BBC2 if you fancy watching it, but fear not if you've missed it because you can catch up on the babe that is BBC iPlayer. Ps, thank you to whoever cast David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian because that was a great idea.

Let me know what you lovely lot have been up to this week. Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww I loved this post! Congrats on hitting 50k views, that's amazing. I know how you feel about swimming, I used to hate PE with a passion at school, not because I dislike exercise but because I hated not having a choice over the activity haha! I love swimming now, I challenge myself to do an extra 10 lengths every time I go! Keep it up :) xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

    1. Aww thank you! I'm the exact same. Adding more lengths each time you go is such a good idea, definitely going to aim to do that now!! Xx

  2. congrats on 50k views! i think swimming is one of the best ways to exercise too :) my highlight of this week is receiving an offer to study abroad at the University of Adelaide!

    xo Sarah

    1. Thank you! Wow that's amazing, congrats!! I'd absolutely love to go to Australia. Xx


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