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15 Cute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Before you do absolutely anything else I want you to grab your nearest diary/ calendar/ phone/ tattoo pen and write down a reminder that Mother's Day is on the 6th of March, I repeat, the 6th of March people, this is not a drill!! (Seriously though, how are we supposed to remember the date when it changes every year? Umm bit unhelpful if you ask me). Mother's Day is always the one that seems to sneak up unannounced then BAM it's tomorrow and you don't even have a card, lol whoops luv you Mum. However, as much as she protests that it's totally fine and that you're the best present she could ever have anyway (kinda true for my mum tbh), the woman pushed you out of her area for a solid 16 hours, matches your socks in the wash and mmm makes a hella good lasagne - so yes, the least you can do is buy her a scented candle once a year. So I thought I'd make it easier for you to treat your absolute babe of a Mum (or Gran, Auntie, cat or whoever looks after you) by showing you the cutest 15 gift ideas for Mother's Day (6th of March, write it down).

Come Mother's Day it's almost time to start thinking about Spring and this stunning Fiorelli is the perfect way to welcome in the daffodils and baby lambs. It's the type of thing your Mum might not think to buy for herself but she'll love (and hopefully let you borrow).

2. Oasis - Khloe Belted Drape Coat (£60): 

This equestrian inspired, two tone coat is so stunning and sophisticated. I'm lusting over the grey lapels and waist belt. Plus it's on sale from £75 to £60, so you're welcome.

3. Michael Kors - Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum 30mls (£39):

This is one of my absolute favourite perfumes ever and I think it's impossible not to love once you've smelled it. The beautiful Egyptian jasmine floral notes are complimented so nicely by the cedarwood and citrus undertones, delish.

4. Body Shop - The Vitamin E Skincare Collection (£22): 

The bits and bobs from the Body Shop Vitamin E skincare range have got everyone talking and this set which contains the cream cleanser, overnight serum and moisture cream is such a bargain.

5. Boux Avenue - Faux Fur Flip Flop Slippers (£12):

Whoever thought of combing flip flops and slippers is an absolutely genius and this pair from Boux Avenue look so warm and comfy.

6. Pandora - Entwined Hearts Necklace (£75):

This dainty necklace with two interlocking 14ct gold and sterling silver hearts is so beautiful. Even though it's not actually from their Mother's Day range I think it's perfect because the two hearts could totally be you and your Mum having a cuddle, Mum's lap that kind of stuff up.

7. Marks and Spencer - Rose and Hyacinth Bouquet (£35):

If you read last week's Friday Five, you'll know just how much my Mum loves flowers so this beautiful bouquet from M&S' Mother's Day Collection is deffo a safe bet.

8. Marks and Spencer - Floral Satin Pyjamas (£35): 

These are my fave pyjamas from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's collection for Autograph. I know my Mum would be in love with the beaut floral print.

9. Not on the Highsteet - Personalised Mother's Day Candle (£29):

If you want to be your Mum's fave child this year, this beaut from Not on the Highstreet takes the stereotypical scented candle gift to the next level. The glass jar is white so the message you choose to have engraved glows when the candle is lit. The example message in the picture says 'You light up my day'. Umm no I'm not tearing up, what are you talking about? 

10. Tarte - Tartlette 'In Bloom' (£33):

Is it actually possible to write a gift guide without including makeup? I'm obsessing over this Tarte palette right now and the combination of matte and shimmer nude/pinky/bronzey shades are so wearable and proper good 'Mum' colours.

11. Mademoiselle Macaron - Custom Macaron Box (£7.50):

Fancier and whole lot prettier than chocolates, macarons make the cutest gifts and Mademoiselle Macaron allow you to pick your flavours and create your own custom box. They are an Edinburgh based business (who even offer Macaron baking classes, umm yes please) so you can either pop in and pick them up if you're local like me or have them shipped anywhere in the UK.

12. Asos - Pavillion Pointed Heels (£30):

Let's be honest, shoes are always a good idea and I'm lusting over these shiny, leather look pointed heels from Asos. (If you've read my Highstreet Picks post you'll know how much I love Asos' shoes).

13. Ted Baker - JESAMY Bow Washbag (£30):

This Ted Baker make up bag is so pretty and, although it comes in tonnes of colours, I'm obsessing over the mint green. It's definitely one of those make up bags that you won't want to clear away from your dressing table.

14. Charlotte Tilbury - K.I.S.S.I.N.G 'Kiss Chase' Lipstick (£23):

If you're going to treat anyone with some high end makeup it should deffo be your Mum and I'm sure mine would be pretty happy to get this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick this Mother's Day. I love the berry hue of Kiss Chase and have heard such good things about the new K.I.S.S.I.N.G range. Hopefully my Mum repays the favour and picks me up a couple for my birthday in a few months.

15.Not on the Highstreet - Personalised 'Home Is Where My Mum Is' Print (£19.75):

I got my Mum a Not on the Highstreet print similar to this last year and she absolutely loved it. However, if you don't want to see your Mum cry, I recommend you pick something else from the list!

I hope this list has given you some ideas if you're stuck for Mother's Day. (If not, it's probably just given you a list of things to buy yourself after payday). What are you thinking about treating your Mum with this year? Let me know if you're planning on picking up anything from this post. Thanks for reading!



  1. I read this post and then I got in a small panic because I actually thought Mothers day will be in March this year. :D In the country where I live we're having the Mothers day on 8th of May so there's no rush for me. These were absolutely amazing ideas and I'll get back to these when it's a bit more current timing :D

    <3: Jasmin N | Little Things With Jassy

    1. Oh no, sorry about that!! Should have mentioned that that only applied to the UK. Thank you! Xx

  2. Awwh what lovely ideas :) x

  3. Ace ideas! The personalised candle is so sweet!

    Clare xx

    1. Thank you, I know I love the candle so much!! Xx

  4. Indeed, those are super cute gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  5. These are lovely ideas! My mum would love any of these, I love the idea of the personalised candle
    samantha xx

    1. Thank you! I love the candle too, it's so cute!! Xx

  6. the bag and pyjamas are gorgeous! i think my mom would love the body shop set though as that is her favourite range :)

    xo Sarah

    1. I know, I'm thinking of getting the bag and body shop set for myself instead tbh!! Xx


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