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10 Makeup Picks for Valentine's Day

I cannot believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner, umm slow down 2016, but there is no better excuse to throw on your best frock, take 3 hours over your makeup (for it to still look a bit rubbish if you're me) and go on a lil overdue date night. Or you can just stay in and watch movies whilst you do you're makeup really nicely because dem boys don't know what they're missing. Either way, what I'm trying to say is, we all know it's all about cute make up. So I have sieved through my collection and picked out 10 of the prettiest bits of makeup I own that are perfect for the day of lurrrve. Spew. 


(lef to right: Past Romance, Marzipan)

1. Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara:

Let's just ignore the name of this mascara for a sec shall we, because it in no way has anything to do with why I'll be wearing it this Valentine's Day. I got this lil mini Better Than Sex for Christmas so I could try it out and I absolutely love it. It grabs every lash and makes them look so full and long. I always feel like I'm wearing falsies when I'm wearing this and I feel much safer knowing I can flutter my lashes to my heart's content without running the risk of them becoming unstuck and drooping half way down my face over dinner.

2. Zoeva- Love is a Story Palette- Past Romance: 

Hopefully, other than this beaut eyeshadow, your Past Romances will be the last thing on your mind on Feb the 14th. I'm planning on wearing pinky/purple colours on my eyes for Valentine's Day and this sparkly deep pink/purple shade is soo stunning. It's really pigmented, blends really nicely and looks super glam. I reviewed the whole palette on my blog when I first bought it so you can find that here if you fancy a little read.

3. Too Faced- Chocolate Bar Palette- Marzipan:

I know Past Romance is a little bit out there and might not be everyone's cup of tea so I thought I'd include a calmer eyeshadow alternative. Marzipan is my go-to every day shade at the moment and I use it constantly. It's a really beautiful, shimmery light pink that looks stunning when you catch it in the light. It's really subtle but super pretty and perfect for brightening up your eyes. 


4. No7- Skin Illuminator:

I got this illuminator as part of one of No7s amazing deal/freebie things that they're renowned for and, although it's something I would never think of purchasing, I've actually really been liking it. You can apply it underneath your foundation, mix it with your foundation, or use it as a highlighter over the top to give you a beautiful little boost of radiance. It gives the skin a lovely glow and leaves you looking celestial and fresh faced. 

5. Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl: 

I raved about this highlighter way back in September of last year in my 3 Ways to Highlight post which was one of my first beauty posts ever! My feelings for it haven't changed and I've recently just got another tube of it. It's a liquid highlighter that's lovely and bronzey/goldy in colour. As the name suggests, it's very pearlescent and has a lovely glow to it without it being too glittery. I'll definitely be dazzling Blair with it on my cheeks on Valentine's Day, boy better bring his sunglasses. *Insert Sunglasses emoji here*.

6. Nars- Orgasm Blush

This blusher took pride of place in my Beauty Finds of 2015 post and if you've read it you'll know that, like most bloggers, I'm absolutely love it. Its pinky colour is just so pretty and really pigmented and the little gold flecks through it, which made me fall in love in the first place, add the nicest subtle highlight.

Lips and Nails:

(left to right: Curviest Caramel, Berry Gorgeous, Cherry Me)

7. Clinique- Chubby Stick- Curviest Caramel: 

I went a bit crazy with the whole chubby stick trend and kind of accidentally bought half the shades, so narrowing it down to just one to show you in this post was pretty hard. In the end I decided to go for this lovely pinky brown nude. Like all the chubby sticks, its super hydrating, applies like a dream and the colour is really build-able. The shade is subtle but super pretty and it leaves your lips looking nice and plump. 

8. Soap and Glory - Gloss Stick - Berry Gorgeous: 

I am such a lipstick lover and never usually reach for lip glosses (because who needs hair sticking to their lips 24/7?) but for some reason, this Valentine's Day, I'm all about super hydrated, shiny lips. This Soap and Glory gloss stick is so nice and the not-too-sticky-but-still-shiny consistency is beaut. The shade is a really nice deep berry pink but is quite subtle when applied and it's also super sparkly which I love.

9. Maybelline- Baby Lips- Cherry Me:

This is a bit of an odd one as I'd never really consider wearing a lip balm out on a more formal occasion but I found this again recently at the back of my drawer and I've fallen in love with it. It is so moisturising and hydrating and has literally saved my lips which have been crying out for help. It's got such a lovely deep pink tint to it and it tastes like cherry which is a total bonus for you and your Valentine. Ohh cheeky.

10. Barry M Nail Paint - Ballerina: 

If you've read my blog for a while then you'll know that Barry M is my absolute favourite brand for nail polishes, like nothing will ever come close so don't even try. I got the shade Ballerina for Christmas and it's my new all time favourite. I can't think of a better name for it as it's just the prettiest, daintiest shade of baby pink that makes me think of tutus, ballet shoes and Swan Lake. It's the perfect shade that's just so lovely and sophisticated and looks good with pretty much any outfit and I'll definitely be wearing it on Sunday. 

So that concludes my 10 makeup picks for Valentine's Day. I love all of these products and will have a hard time choosing what ones to wear on the day. Have you tried any of these? What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Thanks for reading! 



  1. Gorgeous makeup picks, so many I want to try! Love the look of the Too Faced things, heard so much about the mascara :)

    The Modern Audrey

    1. Thanks!! I love Too Faced so much, it's one of my favourite brands. The mascara is so fab! Xx


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