Monday, 18 January 2016

What's in my Shower?

It's a well known scientific fact that if you are a blogger you probably love baths. In fact, if you're a girl in general there's a good chance you practically own shares in Lush. However, as much as I love a good soak in the tub, I find it hard to make time for a relaxing pamper sesh when I'm at Uni, so quick showers have to do. In all fairness, I do actually enjoy showers. Although sometimes the effort of holding my arms up to my head to wash my hair is far too much, like 999 can you send someone to shampoo my scalp for me ASAP please and thanks. However, I think I've got myself in to a good routine with the products I'm using right now and some of them do make showering feel that bit more luxurious so I thought I'd show you what's currently residing in my shower.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner (£5.89 each): 

I love to use shampoo and conditioner that are a set and work together to do the same thing. My hair is quite fine, although it doesn't necessarily look it because I have a lot of it, so volumizing shampoo and conditioner are a definite preference for me. My hair always looks so much fuller after using these but they still leave my hair shiny and smooth and not tacky like some other volumizing products. They both also work to repair damaged hair as healthier hair usually makes for thicker hair. 

So I realise this isn't super glam and writing about the razor I use is not the most exciting thing I've done this weekend (it actually is tbh) but I felt like I just had to mention this, albeit briefly. This razor is amazing, especially for sensitive skin. It essentially has a bar of soap round the razor blade which means you don't need to use any other form of soap or cream when shaving. Ehh genius!! It's also infused with Aloe Vera and vitamin E which are really moisturising and kind to your skin. I love shaving my legs with this as it's so quick and easy and they're always left super smooth and shiny.

I want to start off by apologising for the fact that this product no longer has a label on it as I've used and abused it so much. If you've read my Perfect Night In post , you'll have seen me rave about how much I love this body conditioner. I have never used a product that is this moisturising or has worked miracles for my skin like this has. My skin is a bit weird and all of a sudden, without warning, it can break out in dry patches especially when I'm stressed (my skin is as melodramatic as I am) so this is an absolute saviour. It feels so nice and luxurious to apply and also smells divine which is an added bonus.

One of my goals on my list of New Year life admin was to start finishing half empty bottles of products that I have lying around as I'm so bad at starting one thing, using it for a while and then abandoning it for something newer and shinier! I have quite a few l00ml bottles of Molton Brown body wash hiding in my cupboards that I'm beginning to work my way through. As these washes are on the pricer side I like to save them for special occasions, especially since their scent stays on your skin for so long after you use it. My favourite Molton Brown fragrances are Coco & Sandalwood, Rhubarb & Rose and Pink Pepperpod. 

Whipped Clean is unsurprisingly the first of many Soap and Glory products that can be found in my shower. It's a part body wash and part in-shower moisturiser thats packed with loads of moisturising oils, such as Almond oil which gives it it's signature scent, as well as coccoa and shea butter. I love applying this to freshly shaven legs to make them feel even smoother so I can force everyone I come in contact with to stroke them. No but really, just feel them. 

Here I go again with my body washes but I thought I would add in a more affordable alternative to Molton Brown (although I did pick up these beauties for just £1 which is even cheaper!!). There's just something I love about the Sugar Crush scent that keeps me coming back for more and I know it's a lot of people's favourite. The mixture of lemon, lime, vanilla and coconut is really refreshing and I love using this to wake me up a bit in the morning. It lathers really well and I've also heard it makes for pretty good bubble bath so I'll definitely need to give that a try. 

This is another product I like to use as a bit of a treat (because if I used all of these products on a daily basis I'd literally need to get up at 4am). This sea salt and sugar scrub is so good for getting rid of nasty scaly bits of skin because that ain't cute. Like practically everything else on this list, I love to use this on my legs because when my legs are dolphin smooth, I can do anything. 

This last product isn't strictly shower related but in all fairness, I do keep one in my shower! I fell in love with this wash when I put 3 facial washes head to head and I've not used anything else since. I use it once in the morning and once at night so keep a spare in my shower for when I'm showering at either of these times. It keeps my skin feeling so fresh and I've definitely seen a massive improvements in my breakouts since I've started using it.

So that concludes my lengthy list of products you can find in my shower and it does explain why I'm forever smelling like almonds and sandalwood (whatever that smells like). Have you used any of these products? What do you like to use in the shower whether it be for every day or indulgently? Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love everything Pink Pepperpod by Molton Brown, such a great scent. Although, I have to say, if I had a bottle I'd have absolutely no problem finding a way to finish it off :-P

    1. It's to die for isn't it?! My Pink Pepperpod hand cream will be appearing in my January Favourites in the next couple of weeks!! Xx

  2. Great Products and I particularly love those soap & glory products. I love your blog and if you feel free, then check onto my blog

    1. Thank you, I love Soap & Glory so much! Thanks so much, I definitely will. Xx

  3. Thanks for the lowdown - some nice things on my next to buy list

  4. I love the soap and glory products, they are so refreshing! Great post I loved reading this!! X

    1. Me too, I always love every product I try from them. Aww thank you, glad you liked it! xx


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