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January Favourites

I seriously cannot believe that we are in to our last week of January already, like it literally feels as though it was only yesterday that I was nearly dozing off in front of the TV with the nicest, fullest, warmest tummy after Christmas dinner. However, we've survived the yuckiest month of the year and we're on to better things, February holidays come here you babe. Despite January being everyone's least favourite month, it's brought me quite a few things that I've been loving and, since it's the first month of the New Year, what better time for me to write my first ever favourites post? I've not decided if I'll make this a monthly thing or if I will just save it for the extra special months where I've discovered lots of cool things that I simply can't not share with you, but for now here are my absolute faves of January. 

1. Tangle Teezer:

I have literally wanted a Tangle Teezer for like 5 years but it's just been one of those things that I couldn't justify buying for myself. Thankfully, my Mum is super switched on and she noticed my longing looks at the Tangle Teezer section in Boots, put two and two together and got me one for my stocking. I've been using it every day since and all my other brushes haven't had a look in. It really does get rid of all the tangled knots in my hair, doesn't create any static and leaves my hair looking a lot fuller. Plus, it feels absolutely amazing on your scalp, sometimes I just sit in my room and give myself a good ol' head massage with it, it's bliss.

2. Les Miserables:

So technically this is a December and January favourite but it just wouldn't feel right not to include it. If you know me then you'll probably know that I'm slightly obsessed with all things Les Mis, however, sadly up until December I had never seen it on stage. *Cue amazing superman boyfriend to the rescue*. I was absolutely over the moon when Blair got us tickets to go see it when we were in London over New Year. It was absolutely everything I could have dreamed of and more, it really was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that although no one else seemed in the slightest bit emotional, I spent the whole night crying my eyes out and trying to stifle my embarrassingly loud sobs. By the time we got the tube back to the hotel, I didn't have a scrap of make up left on my face. Since then, my obsession has only grown and I've been listening to the sound track all throughout January, although I'm not sure I feel emotionally stable enough to watch the film again yet.

3. Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill:

I've not spoken about books on my blog for such a long time so I'm excited to have such a good one to include in my favourites. Only Ever Yours is set in the future where girls are no longer born naturally but are designed and brought up in schools in which they learn the art of their only purpose, to look good and pleasure men. At their graduation, once they have completed their training, the girls are sorted in to three thirds: companions, concubines and chastities. Companions' sole purpose are to serve their husbands and produce healthy sons. This is seen as the most desirable third and only the prettiest, skinniest girls will be chosen. Concubines are essentially prostitutes without the fee, their purpose is to pleasure any man who approaches them, in any way the man wishes. All men have one companion and a few concubines on the side. The last third is the chastises who are almost nun-like, they shave their heads, abstain from sex and devote their lives to training the next generation of girls.

The story follows best friends, Freida and Isabel who are sure they are going to be picked as companions but, as their final year at school unfolds, things start to become less straight forward. The book is so dark and gripping but also really scary as there are so many comparisons that can be made between the world in the book and our own society. The girls are constantly compared to and pinned against each other, they are taught that being skinny and beautiful is the only important thing in life and their self worth only comes from the opinions of men. I thought the plot of this book was absolutely incredible and so clever and, although the ending was absolutely shocking, the book was not written to be a nice story but to teach us something about ourselves and society. I would definitely recommend you get your hands on a copy as soon as possible.

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70:

You'll have seen this camera before if you read my Favourite Christmas Presents post at the end of last year. I've been using it so much throughout January and have absolutely fallen in love with it. It was so nice to have a portable but good quality camera to take to London and since coming home I've kept it with me in my bag pretty much constantly. I love that you can connect it to your phone over bluetooth and save the photos straight to your camera roll or upload them to Instagram. I'm all about upping my Insta game this year so watch out for your gal and her Lumix.

5. Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara

I've had this mascara for a while now but I got it at the same time as I bought Roller Lash so didn't really give it a fair try. However, I'm beyond annoyed at myself and I seriously wish I did because then I would have had beaut lashes way before now! I'm not a fan of my lashes to be honest, they are quite long but I find it hard to get a curl and without it they just look like jaggy bits of barbed wire protecting my eyes. However, this mascara has definitely made such a difference. I absolutely love the massive wand and it does grab every individual lash and force each one to curl. It also stays on all day and rarely smudges, so yeah I'm smitten.

6. Invisibobbles:

Like my Tangle Teezer, I've wanted to get round to buying myself a pack of Invisibobbles for such a long time. However, in January I finally took the plunge and parted with a whole £3.75 and, despite the dent to my bank account, I'm so glad I did. These have literally changed my life and since buying them, my hair has been up and down constantly throughout the day because guess what gals? No kinks. I'm also loving being able to have my hair in a ponytail all day and not get a massive headache that makes me want to rip my hair out of my scalp. So that's a plus too. I can't see myself ever going back to normal bobbles and now I want them in every colour!

7. Benefit Real Cheeky Party - Coralista:

The Real Cheeky Party Kit is another beaut that my fabulous Mum picked up for my Christmas after stalking my blog and spying it in my Beauty Sets Gift Guide (I should have really called that post Beauty Sets Hint Guide). I've been loving this kit so much but I am having a dilemma: I'm addicted to Coralista. This is only a problem as, right now, I'm neglecting every other blush in this palette. In case you don't know, Coralista is a really nice peachy coral toned blush that also leaves behind a lovely warm, shimmery glow. I think it looks really nice with my olive skin tone and I love how pigmented it is. I am trying to wean myself off of it and make use of the other shades but for now, Coralista is bae and Dandelion, Rockateur and Sugarbomb are just going to have to accept that.

8. Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Hand Cream:

If you read my What's in My Shower post you'll have seen me obsessing over Molton Brown and their Pink Pepperpod fragrance, and if you were paying really close attention you would know that I left a little hint in my comments that the Pink Pepperpod Hand Cream would be featuring in my January Faves. My hands have been so cracked and dry recently with the combination of the cold weather and 6 hour sleeps on week days so this hand cream hasn't left my side all throughout January. The fragrance is to die for and so unique with floral undertones and a strong peppery scent that sounds like it should be disgusting but really isn't. It's so moisturising and has basically cured my dryness but I'm pretty addicted to using it now and I'm already budgeting for my next tube.

So that's everything I've been loving throughout January, all in all I'd say it's been a pretty successful start to the year. I hope you enjoyed my first favourties post, let me know if you'd like me to make this a regular thing. Have you used/read/seen any of the things on this list? What have you been loving this month? Thanks for reading!


  1. Tangle Teezers and Invisibobbles are a necessity, if I don't have my Tangle Teezer my hair is not getting brushed and I refuse to tie my hair up with an ordinary bobble now, life changers!! x

    1. They are definitely life changers, so glad I've found them! Xx

  2. That book sounds really interesting! Going to give it a read next month.
    Amelia | ameliamaryx

    1. It was amazing, couldn't recommend it highly enough!! xx

  3. Love it! And btw, I love your blog!

    Oh and please check out my blog:

  4. Absolutely loved Only Ever Yours. Have you read Louise's second book, Asking For It?

    1. I keep hearing about it but haven't read it. I'm not sure if I'd be emotionally stable enough to handle it. Xx

  5. I cant live without my tangle teezer, Definitely worth the investment! I've been loving the Maybelline matte and poreless foundation. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. I've heard quite a few good things about that foundation actually, glad you enjoyed. Xx

  6. Bare Minerals is literally my makeup love, but I never find that the mascara comes anywhere near close to Benefits They're Real, what do you think Em?

    Love this post, couldn't be without my tangle teaser, although can't say I can get on at all with invisi-bobbles!


    1. I've ditched my They're Real for Benefit Roller Lash but I do remember loving it so I might have to go back and remind myself how good it was!! You've got beautiful, thick hair though so maybe that's why!! Xx


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