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3 Reasons Why Success Can Be Hard in the 21st Century

New Year seems like the perfect time to think about success, reflecting on the achievements of the year before and envisaging how we'd like to improve throughout the coming year. Success can come in many different shapes and sizes, can vary in definition from person to person and can change what it looks like to us throughout our lives. (For example, completing a level on Super Mario Bros no longer makes me feel as successful as it did when I was 8). However, despite the different strands, variables and ideologies of success, there are a few elements that are essential for it's occurrence which never seem to change. Hard work, self belief and patience are all a given when it comes to working towards reaching a goal and being successful. However, as much as we know these 'building blocks' of success off by heart, I think that growing up in the 21st Century can sometimes make them more difficult to achieve. We know what we should do but, if we were to be honest with ourselves, sometimes we feel like we shouldn't have to.

1. Hard Work:

The proof is in the name, hard work is...wait for it...actually really hard. However, the unfortunate fact is that, unless you're the luckiest person on the planet (in which case buy me a lottery ticket please and thank you), you're going to need to work hard to be successful. However, this pretty much goes against a lot of what we're used to in society right now because everything is getting progressively easier. Back in the day, coal miners had to work grueling hours just to heat people's homes, ice cutters (AKA Kristoff from Frozen) braved the elements because freezers and fridges hadn't been invented and melted ice cream is just not the same and, even harder to imagine, Google wasn't a thing so people actually had to look things up in books, horrific! When everything around us is designed to make life simpler we can sometimes fall into the trap of being a bit lazy and can forget that success isn't going to be easy and come without putting in the work.

2. Self Belief:

Having self belief in this day and age can sometimes be hard. Thanks to social media we are able to get an insight in to every man and their dog's lives (sometimes literally, seriously why make a Twitter for your dog?!). This leads to dreaded comparisons and we start to ask ourselves why our lives aren't as amazing and why we aren't doing as well as others around us. When our parents left school, they had no way of knowing what everyone got up to next, unless they met them in Morrisons 10 years down the line and judged them by the contents of their shopping trolley. However, for our generation it's staring us right in the face 24/7 and with a few clicks of a button we can instantly make ourselves feel like we're failing in one way or another. It is important, however, to remember that people usually only share the best bits of their life on social media. Not many people post Facebook statuses about all the Unis they got declined from or job interviews they didn't hear back from!

3. Patience:

For the lucky few, success really can happen over night but for the majority it's that cliché journey that everyone talks about. If there's one thing we don't like doing in the 21st Century, it's waiting. Nowadays everything is instant. I could find out the circumference of the moon in 10 seconds (10,917km btw thanks Google you babe), instantly find and watch that legendary Todd Kraines episode of the Kardashians and make delicious, steamy hot, buttery popcorn in 3 and half minutes. However, working towards being successful takes time and unfortunately there's no Sims cheat to speed it up #Motherlode.

We are taught that if we want something we should go out and get it now and this is definitely true. However, this doesn't mean that it's going to be quick or easy and that after one 9-5 day, with a good hour long lunch break, we're going to come home fulfilled and successful with all of our dreams suddenly having come true. Don't get me wrong, there have been so many advances already in this century which are so beneficial to our daily lives and our quests for success. However, we still need the good old fashioned combination of hard work, self belief and patience, that comes from us and not technology, a fact that has always been true and always will be true, regardless of what the 21st Century tries to tell us.

What are some of the things you think are important when working towards success? What do you struggle with the most? Thanks for reading!


  1. I feel really luck to live in an age with all these fantastic technologies letting me skip the tedious kind of hard work and allow me to work hard in new, creative ways. Sure, I'd rather be lazy, but when I do decide to be lazy I can do that in much more effective ways too (remember just watching whatever was about to come on TV? Thank goodness for Netflix!) Horrah for the future!

    1. I couldn't agree more but to get the most out of all these technologies and things we need still need to work hard using them. I think sometimes it's easy to forget we still need to put in work when everything around us is so easy and fast! Watching whatever was about to come on TV sounds ridiculous now!! xx

  2. Wonderful post! Totally agree with you, we live in an age where overnight successes are so common that most of us forget that true, lasting success takes years to reach. These are great reminders that I need to remember time and time again.

    1. Thanks so much! That's so true. I think it's easy for us all to forget from time to time. Xx

  3. Great post! I feel our generation are very lucky with everything that is achievable to us. It does rub me up the wrong way sometimes when people complain and say things are tough for young people, but I personally believe that many young people don't really understand the importance of working hard! With everything so attainable to us it is sometimes easy to forget that working hard will get you far!

    I'm glad I found your blog and looking forward to reading more posts like this!

    Paige xx

    1. Thank you so much! I think young people to have a tough time with all the stress and pressures that we have to deal with but you're definitely right that sometimes we forget that working hard is so important. In our parent's generation, hard work was just a given!! Thanks lovely. Xx

  4. This is an excellent post, and I think you raise some great points. I hadn't thought about the idea that all the handy gadgets in our life, it gets so much easier to be lazy before.
    I'm really looking forward to reading more from you xx

    - Anne | annesmiles


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