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22 Things We All Did in Primary School in the Noughties

Even though I was born in the 90s, I really think the  noughties were the Golden Era and I'm so glad to have lived out my Primary school years during them. Primary School is like one of those traumatic memories that your brain suppresses and pushes to the back of your mind, never to be relived again until someone says "remember when..." and then suddenly everything comes flooding back to you. So I thought I would delve in to the depths of break times past and remind you of some of things we got up to at school during the noughties.

1. Taking your arms out of your sweatshirt sleeves and walking on your knees to pretend you had no limbs and it still being funny after the 10537th time.

2. Going to the bin to pretend you were sharpening your pencil but really you were just going for a little goss with your friend. Meet you at the bin in 5 babes.

3. Getting so excited that you were picked to be the milk monitor who got to get the milk from the fridge and hand it out to everyone. Yass.

4. Pretending to go and get something out of your tray but really just going to check on your Tamagotchi and clear away it's poop.

5. Making up dances to Atomic Kitten songs in the playground because the tide was high but you were deffo holding on.

6. Biting off the icing on your iced gem and being raging that you now had to eat the boring biscuit part that tasted a bit like cardboard.

7. Using 'I'll tell on you' as a serious form of manipulation to get people to do what you wanted.

8. Having weddings in the playground but being too scared to speak to your 'husband' afterwards because ew boys are gross and smell weird.

9. Spending the whole of lunch time trying to get your gooey alien pregnant by rubbing the back of its neck on another alien's neck because you hadn't had a proper sex ed lesson yet and didn't really know where babies came from.

10. Having a friend round to play for a couple of hours took weeks of meticulous planning and 16 phone calls between Mums.

11. Losing your sweatshirt and going round the class smelling each one trying to sniff out the scent of your 'house smell'.

12. Planning who you were going to sit beside on the bus on a school trip three weeks in advance and being ready to kill someone when it didn't end up working out.

13. Hearing the squeak of wheels down the corridor and being so excited knowing the teacher was about to roll the prehistoric TV in.

14. Writing 'YES' on one side of your rubber and 'NO' on the other and then throwing it in the air to make all of your important life decisions like if you were going to make your Polly Pockets get married or not.

15. Having to wait in a queue that practically went out the school gate when it was pizza on the blue tray for lunch.

16. Your teacher begging you not to end your story with 'then I woke up and it was all a dream' because she had to read it so many times a day that she wished her life was all a dream.

17. Being the absolute coolest person in your class when you got a new flip phone and dramatically flipping it shut at the end of a call.

18. Going to your tray 17 times a day to put on some Cherry Cola Lip Smackers and thinking you were the world's greatest MUA.

19. Feeling obliged to invite your whole class to your birthday party, even the people you didn't like.

20. A wet paper towel solved everything from broken limbs to split open heads.

21. Absolutely everything on the walls was typed in Comic Sans.

22. Going home at the end of the day, with your squad by your side, on your Groovy Chick bikes and scooters with your sweatshirt tied round your waist blowing in the wind because you were all living young and wild and free.

What are some of the bizarre things you remember about the alternate universe that is Primary school? Thanks for reading!



  1. Lolol. I'm a nineties kid. I didn't even realise you guys were called the noughties!
    But so many of these things are similar with me and I live in Australia! At one point everyone collected those rainbow jelly bracelets and some people had soo many that they threaded them together and made it into a skipping rope for us all to play with!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. I was born in the 90s too but didn't start primary school until 2001! Hahaha I loved those bracelets, that's so cool!! Xx

  2. Haha, I feel so old now! Primary school was firmly 90s for me but I'm actually surprised how little has changed. I think the main difference is the flip phones - no one I knew had a mobile phone at all until high school. Did you guys have snap bands? They were amazing.

    1. We all just started getting nokias and motorolas in our last year of Primary. Yes!! I remember we all got road safety snap bands from our school and everyone kept hitting each other with them! Xx

  3. Oh my god, the iced gem one had me :')
    Such a funny post xo

    Holly |

    1. Hahaha it was such a problem in my life at the time!! Thanks so much xx

  4. We used to make the cut grass into houses and the boys were not allowed in. I can also remember being told I could now swap writing in pencil and was given the big fat red handwriting pens.
    I also had a massive collection of smelly rubbers, refreshers was my favourite.
    Im a little older than you so my dance routines were to the spice girls in primary Me and my friends even did a full proformance to say you'll be there to the entire school.
    But I remember all your points clearly too. It was the same in the late 90s. The noughties were the secondary school for me and it was about learning the words to 'I'm blue' and blighting the bottom off the carton of juice as who needs a straw!
    Good post
    Carrieanne X

    1. I loved those handwriting pens so much but they came with so much pressure! I had a pack of smelly rubbers too. I'm impressed that you managed to learn all the words to I'm Blue!!
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed. Xx

  5. This made me relive my childhood so much! Haha cherry cola smackers were my life in primary school!!

    Love this post, and your blog is awesome! I'd love it if you checked mine out -

    Courtney xx

    1. Hahaha I'm the exact same! Thanks so much, I definitely will Courtney. Xx

  6. Oh my god these were so brilliant! My friends and I used to always make up dances in the playground and I was obsessed with those aliens. I also remember those scoobies? They were like plastic things you could like braid around pens and stuff.
    Loved this post so much! xo

    Emily |

    1. Thank you so much!! Aww I love scoobies but everyone else could do all these intricate braids and I could only do the basic square one!! Thanks so much lovely. Xx

  7. I was born in the 80s and went to primary school in '89 ... Shit I feel old now :P I don't remember much, but a lot of your list happened at middle school for me :D (except the phones, that was high school!) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. hahaha, we started getting phones in our last year of Primary. Nowadays 6 and 7 year olds are getting iPhones and iPads!! Xx

  8. The 'prehistoric' TV and the iced gems are so true.
    Alicia :)


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