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20 Things to do on a Down Day

We all have those days where we feel inexplicably rubbish. Whether you've had a bad day at uni/work/school, are feeling slightly hormonal or have missed out on the day's nap, sometimes not feeling sorry for yourself is just not an option and all it takes is for someone to come within a 10 metre radius of you to make you burst into tears. However fear not, I've devised a helpful list of 20 things you can do to make yourself feel better on those days where you're counting down the hours until bed time just so the torture can be over and you can wake up in a better mood.

1. Have a long, glorious soak in the bath with your fave bath bomb.

2. Treat yourself to a book you've read good reviews about and think you'll enjoy, snuggle up somewhere comfy and get lost in it.

3. Have copious amounts of Wee Willy Winkie sausages and Smiley Face potatoes, they're the ultimate comfort food and don't even have that many calories. Winning.

4. Spend the whole day watching proper feel good movies that are very non-committal and make you cry but in a really good way like Pitch Perfect 2 and The Hannah Montana movie.

5. Go for a walk, jog or cycle somewhere pretty with your earphones, the fresh air and exercise will leave you feeling refreshed and also super good about yourself because even on your bad days you're a motivated, athletic babe.

6. Spend time with the friends who make you feel good about yourself, you know the ones who like all of your instagram photos and also tell you when you have something in your teeth - aka the best kind.

7. Make yourself a hot water bottle, even if you're not cold it's always nice and comforting to have something warm to cuddle.

8. Grab a colouring book, be it for adults or children - whichever is more applicable, and start to colour your stress away. I promise before long the only thing you'll be worrying about is keeping inside the lines.

9. There's nothing lovelier than burning the nicest combination of candles and walking in to a room that smells like Meadow Showers, Cranberry Ice and Clean Cotton. It's also so satisfying to watch the wax go down because reaching the bottom of large Yankee jar is genuinely one of life's greatest achievements.

10. Take some time to catch up on all the moisturising you should do but just don't. Dig out your nicest body butter and cover yourself in it from head to toe, you'll feel super smooth and will be glowing like the fairy Princess you are.

11. Eat the chocolate that you've been eyeing up in the kitchen cupboard for the past week. Literally just eat it all and don't look back, you deserve it.

12. You may as well make use of your slump and dedicate some time to your nails. Shape them nicely, sort our your cuticles and use your favourite nail polish. You'll feel a bit better every time you look down at them.

13. Get dressed. It can be so easy to slouch around in your pyjamas looking like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street (you know, the grumpy green thing that lived in a bin?? Same.) but getting up, washing your face and putting on a white t-shirt and jeans will start to make you feel more human again.

14. Have a social media detox. There's nothing worse than sitting indoors feeling sorry for yourself whilst continually scrolling through the same things for hours on end. Turn off your phone or at least log out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have an Internet free day.

15. If stuffing your face with chocolate and crisps on your down day is going to make you feel worse about yourself and your oh-so-tragic life, find a nice smoothie recipe (this is my fave) and blend to your heart's content. It'll taste divine, give you energy and make you feel like a health Goddess (cue checking the mirror every 2 minutes to see if you have developed abs yet).

16. Play around with your hair and make up. There's something therapeutic about dolling yourself up for absolutely no reason, and it's especially good not having to rush to get ready for once. Now is the time to practice and perfect your cut crease and eyeliner flicks.

17. Do something to help someone else. It's so true that giving makes you feel good, so doing something nice for someone else is a win win situation for you and the receiver. Pop down to visit your grandparents who are always desperate to see you or even do a little food shop to donate to your local food bank.

18. You have two choices when it comes to listening to music on a down day: a dance party for one in the kitchen (trousers optional) or a tactical cry after a Taylor Swift binge to let it all out.

19. Make plans for the near future. There's nothing better than having lots of fun things on the horizon to look forward to, whether that be a lil date night, a trip away or a Dominos Two for Tuesdays, because who can be sad when free pizza is involved?

20. Count your blessings. It can be easy to feel sorry for yourself on a down day and sink even deeper in to your slump but take some time to think about all the good things and people you're lucky to have in your life. (Then go apologise to them for being such a grump all day).

What are the things that make you feel better when you're having a bad day? Thanks for reading!


  1. Such a cute post, I love having a nice hot bath before getting snuggled with a good book and putting my phone and social media away for a few hours! Constantly refreshing hurts my brain some days x

    1. Aww thank you! I'm the exact same, I know the feeling!! xx

  2. Love this post. I don't think theres anything better than relaxing in the bath and pampering yourself when you're feeling down!

    Grace xxx

    1. Thanks so much! Definitely, I always forget to make time for it. xxx

  3. I totally agree with you on the tactical cry! Haha, I always watch a sappy movie to let the tears flow without actually crying over the situation!! These are awesome tips!

    Stephanie x

    1. I have more tactical cries than I'd like to admit! Hahaha it's such a clever way of doing it. Thank you lovely xx

  4. This is such a lovely post! I'm having a down day today so I'm definitely going to use some of your tips to cheer me up!

    Cupcakes and Candyfloss

    1. Aw thank you Lauren, hope you feel better soon lovely! xx

  5. What a lovely post, there is nothing more relaxing that a bath.
    Alicia :)

    1. Aww thank you! Couldn't agree more. Xx

  6. I love all of these ideas! I also keep a folder on my laptop, full of pictures that make me feel happy and when I'm really blue I open it for an instant mood boost. It's so simple but it really works for me for some reason.

    1. Aww thank you, that's such a good idea!! I'm definitely going to start doing that. Xx

  7. Great post :-) Glad I've found your blog today!

  8. Loving this list!
    Jabeen x


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