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20 High Street Picks for Under £50

We're nearing the end of January which probably means your Christmas debt is slowly but surely starting to clear and what better time to start the vicious cycle all over again and once more spend every penny you own? (But this time on presents for yourself which, let's be honest, is much more fun). January is probably one of the worst months of the year what with Christmas becoming a distant memory, with only the extra inches to your waistline left as a memento, the dark nights and miserable weather. However, like anything, it's nothing a little bit of retail therapy can't fix which is why I've scoured my favourite high street stores to find you my top 20 faves for under £50. 

1. Topshop: Marl Hybrid Jumper (£42)

My general rule when it comes to clothes is if it has a collar, I'll take it. I love these little shirt/jumper combos and own a couple in different colours. They look super smart with a nice pair of black cigarette trousers and pointed black flats. Plus, it looks like you've went to a lot of effort to put your outfit together when in fact, the shirt and jumper are attached. Perfect for when you don't really have your life together but would like to and are trying.'

2. ASOS: LILA Embellished Pointed Ballet Flats (£25)

Usually, I like shoes as much as the next person but recently I've went a bit shoe daft and I am so in love with these ballet flats. Like I'm literally swooning just thinking about them. They are so dainty and pretty but also quite statement and I think they'd be really wearable because the colours are so neutral. ASOS also has 20% Student Discount running at the moment which means these would work out to be £20, you're welcome.

3. Nobody’s Child: Wine Sleeveless Wrap Front Blouse (£7.50)

The massive Nobody's Child sale has got me feeling all the feels right now and I've had my eye on this blouse for a while. I absolutely love the colour and I think it would look so nice with a leather jacket or smartened up a bit with a nice blazer. This was £15 but is down to half price so I would definitely go and pick up the bargain now whilst there's still some left.

4. Warehouse: Concealed Placket Shirt (£32)

I feel like Warehouse just get me and I always love everything they bring out each season, especially their shirts. This pinstriped shirt is really nice and fresh and just one of those easy things you can throw on and instantly look like you've made an effort and who doesn't want more of those in their life?

5. River Island: Yellow Floral Print Cigarette Trousers (£40)

I am a patterned trousers fiend. Give me money to spend in any shop and I will head straight to the crazy trousers section. I love the shape and cut of these cigarette trousers and there's just something so cool about having pattern on the bottom and plain on the top for a change.

6. Nobody’s Child: Camel A-Line Mini Skirt (£14.00)

I love the shape and colour of this skirt so much. Again, it's really easy to style: just throw on a dark roll neck, a chunky scarf, some ankle boots and you're good to go. (Accessorise with a Starbucks cup and a cute puppy if possible.)

7. Oasis: Embroidered Collar Swing Dress (£45)

If you've read my blog for a while then you'll know of my obsessive love affair with Oasis. Within the past year it's become one of my favourite shops and I can always go in and find something I like without fail. Tangerine is going to super in this year and this swing dress is perfect for introducing a block of colour. Plus there's an embroidered collar, so you know how I feel about that.

8. Accessorize: Lottie Tote Bag (£39)

There's nothing better than a sturdy bag with loads of compartments for dry shampoo, 6374 spare hair grips and a half eaten packet of Rolos. I also love the colour and panelling on this beaut accessorize tote.

9. River Island: Green Floral Print Strappy Cami (£20)

It may be January and minus 3 outside but can you ever have enough camis? (The answer is no). So layer, layer and then layer some more because this cami is too cute to think about the weather. I love the print on this top and think it would look so nice with a big chunky oatmeal coloured cardigan.

10. River Island: Pink Block Panel A-Line Skirt (£35)

I love colour block and this skirt just does it so perfectly. The pink is such a nice shade and I love the double sided zip, although I feel like I could find myself in some awkward compromising situations with it.

11. Oasis: Opium Placement Shirt (£38)

Surprise, surprise, another Oasis fave. I've bought so many nice shirts recently so I really shouldn't be lusting after any more but I love the colour and floral print of this one so I maybe (definitely) have room for one more.

12. Accessorize: Check Blanket Scarf (£19)

I've wanted a cosy blanket scarf for so long now but I'm really scared that it'll drown me and I'll look ridiculous so for now I just have to admire from a far. I love the colours in this Accessorize scarf so much and it's nice to see a tartan scarf that isn't red or green for once.

13. Topshop: MOTO Navy Cord Pinafore Dress (£39)

This is currently the only item on this list that I own and I couldn't not include it as I've been wearing it constantly. I love the cord material of this pinafore so much and the colour makes it really wearable. I love wearing it with just a cute, simple T-Shirt or dressing it up a bit with a collared shirt underneath.

14. Accessorize: Elsa Ziptop Clutch Bag (£29)

This clutch is so so beautiful and oh so sparkly and I feel like it would dramatically enhance my life. However, I also feel like it would perhaps end up being one of those things that I think I'll get loads of use out of but would actually end up just decorating my wardrobe because I'd be too scared to ruin it. Still worth it just to look at tbh.

15. River Island: Pink Stripe Zip-Up Blouse (£38)

If I'm not wearing something floral, I'm wearing stripes. I really like the colour of these salmon stripes and I'm also super intrigued by the massive zip because who actually has time for buttons?

16. Topshop: Daisy Jacquard Pinafore Dress (£50)

Okay so this is just within the £50 budget so it isn't technically under £50 but who even cares because it is so pretty. Dig out your trusty black roll neck for this one because I can't think of an outfit more beaut.

17. Oasis: Floral Print Shirt Dress (£46)

Last thing from Oasis, I swear, but I'm not even sorry. I am loving the shirt dress trend right now and, even though I've lost count of how many I own, I would gladly welcome another addition to my wardrobe especially since this one is khaki and floral.

18. ASOS: Lost Ink Bea Rose Gold Textured Ballerina Flat (£18)

This is not a drill!! Pointed toe. Snake Skin. Rose Gold. Need I say more? No I need not.

19. River Island: Pink Floral Print Shirt Dress (£48)

Last shirt dress and last floral print, I really can't help myself. After showing my Mum this list I discovered that she wasn't happy that it included this dress as, apparently, she's had her eye on it for ages meaning it's off limits for me. Luckily, we're pretty similar in size so I think I could probably persuade her to share if I asked extra nicely.

20. Nobody’s Child: Red Collared Skater Dress (£12.50)

My last high street fave definitely had to be this Nobody's Child skater dress that I'm obsessing over. I love wearing red and I've got a few parties coming up so I definitely think I'll be picking this up soon. Plus it's also in their amazing 50% off sale and comes in black too, so how could I possibly say no?

Have you bought anything from this list? What high street beauties are you currently lusting after? Thanks for reading!

*Some of the products featured in this post are sponsored products but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I'm trying to be careful with what I'm spending my money on for the next month or two because I'm really wanting to save, but I love so many of these picks that I might end up treating myself to one or two.. Great picks!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. I'm the same but I really can't help myself, there's so many things I'm loving right now. Thanks so much! Xx

  2. Thanks to share this post. I think that I will buy n. 2, 8, 14, 17 and 19 :D

    DadieB. ~

  3. Those rose gold ballet flats are stunning! :)
    Love all of the other picks too.
    Sally x


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