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Zoeva 'Love is a Story' Eyeshadow Palette Review

Last week I finally found myself feeling a little bit festive and decided to make a start with my Christmas shopping (shockingly late, I know). Unsurprisingly, less than ten minutes later I found myself entering my paypal details to complete my first purchase…for myself. However, after getting it out of my system, I finally felt ready to embrace the gift of giving and have only got a couple more things to buy. I've been super weighed down with Uni work recently and needed a little pick me up which is really just my excuse for treating myself to the Zoeva 'Love is a Story' palette I've been lusting after for a while now. So I thought I'd give it a little review because I love it so very much and know a lot of you will too.

Zoeva Love Is a Story Palette Review

Admittedly, I can be a little bit of a make up snob sometimes. If ever I come across a product that appears to be good quality but is surprisingly cheap I find myself wondering what the catch is. However, I read so many amazing reviews about this palette that I kind of had a feeling that this was going to be one of those too good to be true moments that actually turns out to be true. I bought the palette from beauty bay for £15.50 and I would genuinely say it's worth double that.

I think the fact the palette is so cheap probably has something to do with the packaging because Zoeva have certainly not compromised on the eyeshadows themselves. I think the packaging looks lovely but it's a bit cardboard-ish. However, this really doesn't bother me in the slightest and in fact I wish all my palettes were packaged like this if it was going to make them a little cheaper. My favourite thing is the little quote on the inside which says "Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly.", the hopeless romantic in me swoons every time I open it up and read it again. The palette also doesn't come with a brush or applicator which again probably allows for it to be a bit cheaper but I've got so many nice eyeshadow brushes that I'm loving just now anyway so I'm not pining for a new one. 

Swoony packaging aside, it's the colours that make this palette so amazing. Each colour is so pigmented and lasts for so long, I can hardly believe that when you do the maths each one is technically only worth £1.55 (£15.50 divided by 10 in case you're struggling to work that out as much as I was)!!  The quality of the eyeshadows is definitely up there with Mac and Urban Decay which are obviously much more detrimental to the bank account. All of the colours are stunning and it's so nice to take a step away from my usual go to neutrals and go for something a bit more out there.

Filmstar- is a matte creamy-white shade which is so nice for the inner corners or just to add a little highlight.
Affair- is a kind of peachy pink which I'm loving using all over my lid as a base.
Past Romance- is probably one of my favourite eyeshadows ever. It's a bright glittery purple that's so striking but doesn't look like you bought it from Claire's with the last of your pocket money.
Man With a Plan- is one of my favourite names from the palette. It's a shimmery brown with pinky tones in there too.
Ladylike- is a stunning matte turquoise which is so fun to play around with.
Over You- is a matte tan/medium brown shade.
Little Kiss- is a combination of shimmery brown, gold and champagne tones.
Old Fashioned- is a dark metallic purple which can be a little scary to work with but looks really nice blended out properly. 
Flirt- is a sort of military/khaki green, a shade which I've never owned before and I'm so surprised at how wearable it is.
Mystery Date- is a metallic dark blue which I love. I really hope I get a chance to wear it.

I am so head over heels for this palette and am so impressed with my first Zoeva purchase. I'm already eyeing up the rest of their collection and I think the Rose Golden palette is going to be my next splurge (if you can even call it that at £15.50)!! What's your favourite shade from this palette? Have you ever bought anything from Zoeva? Thanks for reading! 

(Also on a little side note: I am so excited to be have been chosen as t! Magazine's Blogger Hotspot for the month of November! If you'd like to read my interview with them you can see it here


  1. The palette looks stunning!
    Jabeen x


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