Monday, 28 December 2015

5 of my Favourite Christmas Presents 2015

Hello!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, have put on a few pounds since we last spoke and have had a few fab chill days with your nearest and dearest. I had actually planned to document my Christmas day and comprise it in to a lovely festive post but, as per, these things never go to plan and I didn't end up taking a single decent photo the whole day! However, today I thought I would share with you five of my favourite pressies (in no particular order) that I got for Christmas this year. Just a little disclaimer: in absolutely no way am I writing this to brag at all, I just love being nosey and seeing what other people get for Christmas and thought you all might too. It was super hard to just pick five things to show you guys as Santa was extremely good to me this year, so I decided not to include any clothes or shoes and things of that variety because a lot of it will no doubt be making an appearance in some outfit posts in the not so distant future. 

1. Brown Michael Kors Bag: 

I was so excited when I unwrapped this bag as it was a total surprise. I currently own two other Michael Kor's bags, in black and navy, which I tend to just alternate between for Uni, depending on what I'm wearing, so I get so much use out of them. I'm always harking on about how they are amazing quality and despite shoving laptops and library books in them daily, they both still look brand new. I'm absolutely loving brown at the moment so this bag was a perfect addition to my collection and my Mum also got me matching brown Chelsea Boots which are super gorgeous. I'm sure you will be seeing them on here soon!

2. Spectrum Brushes: 

If you read my Beauty Sets Gift Guide  at the start of December, you'll know that even though I was suggesting purchasing a set of Spectrums for a gal in your life, I was also severely lusting over them for myself too. Thankfully, my Mum is a very avid stalker reader of my blog and picked up on this. I was so excited that she bought me the 8 Piece Eye Blending Set and the 4 Piece Contour Face Set. I'm so happy to finally have these brushes in my life, which look even more beautiful in person! They're so amazingly fluffy and I can already see a difference in my make up since using them. Sadly, both sets are currently sold out but Spectrum are always restocking so just keep checking back!! 

3. Urban Decay Vice Palette: 

I actually got to open this present a few days early, mainly because my Mum gets really excited and can't wait until Christmas Day so lets me open a couple on the sly. I was absolutely over the moon when I unwrapped this as it was another product from my Gift Guide (at least I know one person made use of it!!). I love the colours in this palette so much as I'm usually boring and just stick to my neutrals. I also got the Naked Smoky palette and Real Cheeky Party kit, as well as some other make up bits and bobs, which were all equally my favourites but I thought everyone might be a bit sick of seeing bloggers raving about them.

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70 : 

I take all of my blog photos on a Canon EOS 5D, which if you know anything about cameras, you'll know is pretty massive. Obviously this isn't always convenient to cart around everywhere and when I'm out and about I always wish I had a camera with me that's better quality than my phone. A small, good quality camera was the only thing I asked for for Christmas and I left my tech-savvy Dad to do some reading and make an executive decision about which camera to go for. I am so glad he chose this one as the photo quality is amazing despite it's size. The camera can also connect to your phone and, using an app, allows you to directly transfer the photos to your phone and also control the camera and take pictures on it from your phone, it's literally the coolest thing I've ever seen and is perfect for blogging. I'm off to London on Wednesday to spend New Year there so I'm so excited to take it with me. 

5. Crosley Record Player:

You may have noticed the giant, gorgeous cream leather suitcase that the rest of my presents are sitting on. Not only is this a beaut blog photo prop but it opens up to reveal one of my most exciting presents!! Blair was super inventive this year and surprised me with this record player and vinyls of my two favourite albums of all time! (Of course, I cried). I'm so in love with this present and it has pride of place in my bedroom as it matches the decor so well. I've been using it non-stop and I love having my two favourite albums, with so many memories attached to them, on vinyl - it just feels so much more special!! I'm now going to be that gal who buys every new album on vinyl instead of iTunes and I can't wait. 

I had such a good Christmas and was definitely spoiled with some amazing gifts. However, it was even more special to just spend the day with all the people I love. What were your favourite gifts you received this year and how did you spend Christmas day? Thanks for reading! 



  1. That bag is so pretty! Love your blog
    Blush kiss:

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you had a good Christmas. xx

  2. You got some amazing bits - I absolutely love that Crosley vinyl player!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. thank you! Me too, it's so beautiful. xx

  3. Great presents!
    Forever wanting to own MK bag!!

    1. Thank you! Aw they are so good, they're definitely worth it because they seem to never wear out!! x

  4. Urban decay vice palette is amazing!!!

    1. I'm loving it so far, it's so fun to just play about with!! xx

  5. Great gifts! I want a record player.


    1. Thank you!! I'm loving having mine, using it non-stop! xx


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