Friday, 13 November 2015

My New Favourite Phone Case from iLikeCuteCases*

This week, I was sent the cutest phone case ever from the lovely Rhea from iLikeCuteCases. I decided to go for this beautiful liquid glitter and metallic hearts case. When you move the phone case all the glitter inside moves too like your own little snow globe, I love it so much. It looks so magical and it's perfect for this time of year as I'm all about sparkles at Christmas time. I always find myself shaking it and being mesmerised by it (especially as a form of procrastination).

iLikeCuteCases sells this case in loads of colours but I went for 'Anouska Blue'. I love this as the glitter and hearts are two tonal so can look pinky-purple in one light and then bluey-green in another. The case itself is such good quality and would definitely protect my phone if when I drop it, which I think we sometimes forget is the point of a phone case!! 

However, this is only one of the many to die for cases from iLikeCuteCases. There's loads to choose from and Rhea works closely with each individual customer to customise each case with gems, crystals, flowers and bows galore!! I got my case to fit my iPhone 6 but there's cases to fit so many different types of phones. The whole experience of getting this case was lovely and the customer service was faultless. 

I also love the story behind the iLikeCuteCases business. Rhea started off by just making phone cases for herself and loved being able to make them exactly how she wanted them. Soon, family and friends wanted her to make them their own cases too. Eventually, things snowballed and, as more orders started coming in, she decided it was time to open her own online shop to give others the chance to create their own customised cases. Since then, she's gained quite a following on Instagram and Twitter where she posts pictures of her custom designs. 

I'm absolutely over the moon with my case (I seriously can't stop staring at it) and Rhea has been such a joy to chat to over the past few weeks. I really think she's built up something special here and it's amazing to see people turn their hobbies in to a business. There's sooo many other cases I'd love to get my hands on (eg there's a customised teacher phone case on her instagram that has me swooning!!) and I will definitely be buying from iLikeCuteCases in the future. The company is based in the UK but ships worldwide and there's cases for so many different phone types so you'll all be able to get one too. I guarantee if you look on the iLikeCuteCases shop here or instagram here you'll find something you're head over heels for. 

Have you ever bought a customised phone case? What's your fave case from iLikeCuteCases? Thanks for reading and thanks so much again to Rhea! 

*This product was sent to me to review but all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Ooo love it. Defo going to check them out!
    aminaxx |

    1. Thank you, so do I. All their stuff is so nice!! Xx


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