Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Like Mother Like Daughter: U2's IE Tour

I have officially been the worst blogger in all existence this past week. I’ve not posted since Wednesday which has been so weird and I’ve missed my little blog so much. However, if you haven’t guessed by the time of year and my manic tweets, it’s nearing the end of the semester (how?!) and I’m literally drowning in work. So even though it pained me, I had to take some time out of life, tie my hair in a permanent messy bun and just get stuff done. However, I’m baaaack and I promise I’m going to try be a bit more organised. My usual routine is to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but right now I can’t see that happening. So for the next few weeks I’m still going to post two or three times a week but maybe just on slightly different days so please bear with me and look out for my sporadic ramblings.

Anyway, housekeeping out the way, despite my busy week I still managed to find time to head through to Glasgow at the weekend to witness the spectacle that was U2’s Innocence & Experience tour. I’ve grown up listening to U2 for my whole life and their songs always seem to be in the background of most of my childhood memories. My Mum has been a super fan of ‘the boys’ since she was about 16/17 and the band were barely through puberty themselves. Her and her three best friends were quite simply obsessed and would queue for hours to get their records and see them live. Funnily enough, when we were at the Hydro on Saturday, Bono announced that 31 years ago to the day the band had been playing the Barrowlands, to which my Mum subsequently screamed that she was there, partially deafening me in the process. In typical Glasgow style, the people who were sitting around us were all super lovely and a lot of them had been fans for about the same length of time as my Mum, it was like a U2 fan club reunion.
The night basically consisted of myself and 12,999 middle aged die hards jumping and singing like maniacs and my goodness it was fantastic. I’ve seen the band once before when I was younger but being that bit older made me appreciate how amazing they are live even more. Not only was their music unreal (I unashamedly knew every single word) but the whole performance factor was incredible. I also love everything the band stand for and felt so teary when Bono spoke about #refugeeswelcome and the struggles in Ireland before singing the classic that is Sunday Bloody Sunday. The song was released in 1983 and the lyrics 'how long must we sing this song?' (which basically ask how much more suffering will go on in the world) are more relevant today than they ever have been which is so heart-breaking.
However, sadness aside, the night was magical and I think the real magic of it all was the fact that I got to do it with my Mum, as cringe-worthy as it sounds!! I love how similar we are when it comes to loving music and we are both totally in our element at concerts. She’s so fun to just scream and sing and dance with, I honestly don’t know who is more embarrassing! I always wonder if my 17 year old Mum would have ever imagined that she’d still be going to see her boys 30 years later but with her daughter in tow too! It’s definitely a tradition I hope we continue and I know that I’ll listen to U2 for the rest of my life and think of my amazing Mum every time. (Mum if you’re stalking me and reading this, which I know you are, stop crying!!).
Do you share a similar music taste with your family? Do you have any traditions like this? Thanks for reading!


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