Wednesday, 18 November 2015

24 Things I've Learned About Relationships in the Past 2 Years

This week Blair and I celebrated being together for two whole years! I don't know where the time has gone but I can honestly say that the past two years have been incredible. Blair and I got together a few months after we turned 17. Two years on and we have both learned to drive, applied and got in to Uni and are half way through our second year there. Experiencing these milestones and the fact that, for both of us,  this is our first 'proper' relationship (saying you have a boyfriend at 13 but being too scared to talk to them doesn't count), means that we've done a lot of growing up together and learned a lot. So being the sentimental mess that I am I thought I would share 24 things I've learned about being in a relationship over the past 24 months.

  1. Everything is fun with your boyfriend, even just going to the supermarket. 
  2. Even if your boyfriend acts like he doesn't mind taking a selfie with you, he probably does.
  3. Their family become like your family (and vice versa) and hanging out with everyone is so much fun.
  4. At first, your boyfriend will know next to nothing about make up, hair or periods. It is your duty to educate them on all of the above.
  5. Sometimes a cuddle solves everything.
  6. Making time for date nights is so important.
  7. Don't bicker about little things that don't matter, sometimes you just have to let it go. (No singing please).
  8. He will never understand the frustration of a bad hair/make up day so don't even bother trying to explain.
  9. Never underestimate the power of a nice good morning text.
  10. Food is without a doubt the best way to show affection. 
  11. The amount of personal jokes you will have is unbelievable.
  12. Neither of you are perfect and you will both do and say things your regret. 
  13. Making sure you spend some time apart and also have separate lives is so healthy. 
  14. Eventually, all allure will go out the window as you get to know every detail of their bodily functions. (Awful, I know).
  15. Don't neglect your friends.
  16. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder (or at least makes you miss them like crazy).
  17. Talk about every argument to always make sure you clear the air. 
  18. Tell them you love them every day.
  19. There will be times you consider murder as a genuine option. (But only for like a few seconds).
  20. The little, every day things are so much more important than big grand gestures. 
  21. Don't take your bad days/moods out on them.
  22. Boys' and girls' brains work so differently so what makes perfect logical sense to you might seem bizarre to them, so always try to see things for each other's point of view.
  23. Water fights are always a good idea.
  24. There's nothing better than going through life with your best friend.

I always say that so many first relationships don't last because it's when you make all your mistakes for the first time. However, Blair and I are so much better at communicating and knowing what's really important than we were two years ago. I really love being one half of this chilled out, insanely fun team. What are some of the things you've learned from relationships past and present? Thanks for reading! 


  1. This is such a cute post, Emma x So happy for the both of you xx



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