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CocoWhite Review From a Long Term User

I know I'm super late on the CocoWhite review bandwagon but most of the reviews I've read are from people who have only been using the product for a week or two. So since I love it so much I thought I'd let you know what happens after the Happy Ever After of your first box of CocoWhite.

cocowhite review

In case you're not sure what I'm on about (where have you been?), CocoWhite are a UK based company who sell little sachets of flavoured coconut oil to make the practice of oil pulling that little bit easier (and taste a little bit better). Oil pulling, aka swishing oil round your mouth, improves dental hygiene by attracting then dissolving the bacteria found in your mouth. In theory, this freshens breath, reduces plaque, lessens the risk of dental problems and, perhaps the most attractive proposition of all, whitens your teeth.

Since having braces in my early teens for about three years, I've been really teeth conscious. Before braces, my teeth were literally atrocious so now that they're all perfectly straight I want to make sure
that they're pearly white and gleaming too.  Because of this, I've developed a bit of a teeth cleaning obsession. I love brushing my teeth and probably do it a bit too much for my own good. 

I've been using CocoWhite for about for about five months and from my first sachet I was in love. It did feel slightly strange to start with as the oil usually solidifies slightly in the packet then eventually melts in your mouth. However, I loved how clean my whole mouth felt afterwards and I started to see results right away. There are three flavours available but I've only ever been a wimp and stuck to mint. However, it disguises the flavour of the oil so well and tastes super nice. 

There are 14 sachets in each box and for my first few boxes I used a sachet every day for the two week period. However, now that I've had so many boxes, I like to just use a sachet when I want to give my teeth an extra good clean, before a specific event I want to look nice for or when I think my teeth are starting to look little less white than I'd like.

My favourite thing about CocoWhite is that it's completely natural, meaning none of the chemicals that are usually in teeth whitening products are used. Obviously, using harsh chemicals would probably give more dramatic results but I can always see a huge difference after using CocoWhite and feel good knowing that it's better for my teeth. 

I'm definitely converted, and although I don't still follow the 2 week regime, I always like to have a box in the house for when my teeth need a little bit of TLC. At £20 a box (for 14 sachets) I definitely think it's worth it. My teeth are so much whiter and I've had so many people notice and comment on it! If you fancy giving CocoWhite a go or have tried it before and want another box you can use my discount code here: to get some money off. 

Have you ever used CocoWhite? Is teeth whitening something you'd want to try? Thanks for reading! 


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