Friday, 30 October 2015

Change the Way You Selfie with PicGlu*

Admittedly, I love a good selfie and am that annoying person who tries to get everyone together for a reluctant picture at every event. So when the lovely people at PicGlu got in touch and sent me a product to change the way I take selfies, I was super excited.


Blair was really early on the Selfie Stick bandwagon and got me one for Christmas last year. Although I love mine, I'm sure we can all agree it can sometimes be a bit awkward to pull out the massive, clumsy contraption in public and no matter how hard we try we can never cut the actual stick out of the picture.

PicGlu is a brand new product which launches on the 17th of November, it's such a simple idea but so effective. It's a double sided sticky pad which, once stuck on to the back of your phone, allows your phone to stick anywhere (and I mean anywhere!). Once your phone is stuck to your desired surface, you can go to your front facing camera, turn on the timer and take pictures to your heart's content! It's perfect for fitting large groups of people in photos and means you don't have the struggle of finding the perfect angle with your outstretched arm.

The PicGlu doesn't leave any sticky residue on your phone or the surface it's stuck to (which I had to prove to my Mum before I stuck it all over her perfectly wallpapered walls). If your PicGlu gets a bit grubby or starts to lose it's stickiness, simply washing it with a bit of soap and allowing it to dry solves the problem.

The great thing about PicGlu is, because it's only the size of the back of your phone, it's extremely portable (unlike the monstrous selfie stick). I've started carrying mine around in my purse so it's always there if I want to take an impromptu selfie with my friends throughout the day (a situation which embarrassingly occurs more than you might think).

It's also perfect for taking pictures of your outfits, which I know will appeal to a lot of bloggers. This is because, once stuck to a wall for example, you can stand as far back as you need to fit your whole outfit in. This is so good for me because it saves me the embarrassment of asking whoever is taking my picture to retake it again and again (I'm super picky). The team at PicGlu have also pioneered my new favourite concept: the shofie. (You can see my attempt at the end of this post)!

Despite only having my PicGlu for a few days, I've already used it so much and I just know it's going to come in handy. It's still a couple of weeks until the product launch but I'll put a reminder up on my social media accounts. You can find out more about PicGlu by visiting their website here or stalking them on Twitter here. I'll leave you with some of the pics I've taken using my PicGlu so far. Does this sound like a product you'd like to get your hands on? Thanks for reading!


*This product was sent to me to review but all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Amazing selfies and great blog .. Thanks Emma

    Christian Beaubien ADI

  2. Great pictures :-) This is magic :-)

  3. quality of the shoefie is great! I imagine how hard it must have been before without this picglu thingy.. Can we buy it somewhere already?

    1. Thank you, would have been impossible without Picglu!! The product launch is on the 17th of November and will be available to buy after that.

  4. This is actually amazing! Gone are the times where you have to balance your phone on a table to get a pre-night out group shot!

    Kirstie |

    1. I know! It's literally changed my life Kirstie!!! xx


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