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Three Ways to Highlight and Strobe: Liquid, Powder and Stick

If you've perhaps missed the memo, the term 'strobing' is all the rage right now. I'm not sure how long it's been a thing in the make up world, probably forever, but I definitely think that the strobing phenomena has only recently become popular with us non-MUA peasants.

But lets be honest, strobing is just glorified highlighting (but with more focus on sculpting), and who doesn't love to highlight?! There's nothing better than watching yourself transform in to a glittering, shimmering fairy princess with every stroke of the brush. Now because of this, I have the tendency to buy highlighters like they're going out of fashion, so I thought I'd put my three faves to use and show you three different types of products I use for strobing/highlighting and how I use them.

Left to Right: Girl Meets Pearl, Candlelight Glow, Hefty Highlight Chubby Stick

1. The Liquid Highlighter: Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl (£24.50)

I love this highlighter. To use it I twist the bottom to get a little bit of product out, tab it on the back of my hand then apply from my hand to my cheekbones with a brush. As it's a liquid, this product feels really refreshing and light on my skin. It doesn't need blended in too much and because it is a liquid it really leaves my cheeks looking nice and dewey with a nice sheen. It's quite bronze\gold in colour so it works really well for olive skin tones like mine. I tend to go for this highlighter if I'm wearing gold or bronze eyeshadow. 

2. The Powder Highlighter: Too Faced's Candlelight Glow (£25)

I picked this highlighter up in Sephora when I was in Barcelona this Summer and I've pretty much worn it every day since, I am OBSESSED. I found it hard to choose between this or the NARS highlighting blush but the lady in the shop said that they are super similar. I love that this is half transparent, half pink so that you can use them separately or swirl them together. Some days, I just skip blusher and use both halves as a replacement. It's so so pigmented and you hardly need to use any product to get that fairy dust shimmer. I use a brush to predominantly put this powder on my cheekbones then sweep the excess on my forehead, nose and cupids bow. I would say a powder is definitely better for oily skin just to dry it out slightly to make sure you're not overly dewey!

3. The Highlighter Stick: Clinique's Hefty Highlight Chubby Stick (£19)

I love Clinique's Chubby Stick lips and eyes range so when I saw they did Chubby Sticks for face I was sold. I bought this highlighter stick quite a while ago along with their contour stick. It's really easy to apply straight to where you want to highlight because you can be very precise (it's basically like using a giant pen). However, I would say it does need quite a lot of blending to make it look a bit more natural and not just a straight line of sparkle. The colour of this highlighter is a really really light shade of pink which I think just looks so rosy and lovely. I love to do my cupids bow with this product because it can get right in there to the nooks and crannys (how tragic that this excites me). 

Left to Right: Girl Meets Pearl, Candlelight Glow, Hefty Highlight Chubby Stick

Of course, if you're in to strobing and want to intensify your highlight you could use all three of these products together. I personally, would start with the highlighting stick as a base as it's quite creamy, followed by the liquid and then the powder on top so it sticks. 

I don't think there's any right or wrong answer when it comes to which type of highlighter is better. It's good to play around to see which types work for your skin type but I'm definitely a fan of all three. However, in saying that, at this moment in time I always find myself reaching for the Too Faced powder, I just love everything about it. Have you tried any of the highlighters in this post? Do you have a preference between liquid, powder or stick? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading! 



  1. I've been on the look out for a new highlighter stick, I think Two Faced would be perfect but I now want to try all 3! x

    Amy |

    1. They're all sooo nice, maybe you should just get them all haha!! Xx

  2. wow all three of these are stunning!! I personally don't quite understand why its called strobing, when all it really is is intense highlighting! but I love it none the less! great post:)

    1. I know, I love them all! Thank you so much xx

  3. I have to admit even as an MUA I really don't get the Strobing trend and I agree it is basically like glorified highlighting haha. I really want to try the Clinique Chubby Highlight Stick, it seems so convenient too!

    Eloise x //

    1. That makes me feel a bit better then! The chubby stick is the best, definitely recommend it. xx


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