Monday, 21 September 2015

Putting 3 Big Brand Facial Washes Head to Head

My obsession for skincare could definitely be defined as unhealthy. I cringe at the thought of my younger self not even remotely having a skincare routine whereas now I follow a strict procedure day and night. For a while I stuck to one brand of skincare products that were slightly more on the expensive side. However, before I went on holiday I picked up a little mini facial wash from the Supermarket that was easy to travel with and I actually really liked it. Since then, I've been been slightly obsessed with buying a new 'big brand' facial wash every time I go to the Supermarket and trying it out. I've narrowed down my three favourites and thought I'd share them with you.


Clean & Clear (£3.13 per 100ml for UK equivalent):

I picked this up in a Walgreens in America so although the packaging is slightly different, there is a UK equivalent which has added aloe vera. Even though this is branded as a cleanser its definitely more a facial wash. It's for sensitive skin, which although I don't really think I have, I still feel safer buying. It's also oil-free which is so important for me as my skin can be so oily at times (it's literally the bane of my life). I really like how foamy this gets when lathered, the other products do get really soapy but there's definitely a difference between soap and foam! The packaging says it washes away the dirt, oil and make up that can cause spots.The only thing I would say is that there's not really a scent to this product, and although that can mean there's no added nasties I think I would still prefer a natural scent that doesn't require chemicals or effect your skin, a girl can dream!

Neutrogena (£2.17 per 100ml)

Unlike Clean & Clear, this facial wash claims to target spots and blackheads themselves as well as removing impurities in the skin. This wash lathers really well and always leaves my skin feel amazingly clean and fresh. However, no where on the bottle does it say the product is oil free. I absolutely love the packaging, which admittedly was the first thing that drew me to the product! However, the best thing about this wash is definitely the smell. The scent is pink grapefruit and it is absolutely to die for, which always makes me reach for it in the morning to wake me up and make me feel bright and breezy.

Simple (£2.26 per 100ml):

I've used Simple make up wipes forever (I know make up wipes are bad but in my defence I cleanse afterwards!!) so I would definitely say it's a brand I trust. This was the first Supermarket facial wash I bought and it's what made me consider the move to less expensive brands. It has no perfume, colouring or chemicals and has added vitamins, all of which sounds pretty good for your skin if you ask me! Again, it lathers really well and I cannot put in to words how clean my face feels after using it. The one thing that I would change about this product is the packaging. I really wish that it had a pump like the other two instead of the little cap because A. it requires a little bit more effort and B. if you decide to use it in the shower, which I sometimes do, it does end up filling up with water…nightmare!

These three beauties have definitely converted me to introducing well known, cheaper brands in to my skincare routine. However, at the moment, if I had to pick a favourite I would definitely go with the Simple wash as it has without a doubt cleared up my skin so much in the time that I've used it. So now my skin and my bank balance are both equally as happy. Have you tried any of these products or brands? What was your thoughts about them? Thanks for reading!

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