Friday, 25 September 2015

My Favourite Summer Memories in Pictures

I've been back at Uni for a week now so already my Summer seems like a distant memory. I was off from the end of April until mid September so had lots of time to spend having fun with my favourite people (and still enough time to spare to stay in bed all day and watch Netflix). I've been planning on doing this post for a while now but held off until the very last minute of Summer just in case I had more fab days that I wanted to add and I did! I'm glad to be back in to the routine of Uni now and it's been so nice to see everyone again but I'll miss having lots of time to spend with my nearest and dearest. However, I've made some amazing memories that will hopefully keep me going until my next break from Uni! *Once again I applogise for bad iPhone photo quality, literally the bane of my life!*


1. Right at the start of Summer, my best friend Hannah and I used one of our earliest days of freedom to do the obvious first choice activity... go to Butterfly World! Even though it seems so long ago we had such a good day and were super brave when we held a snake and a giant millipede. It was also the first of many trips to Dobbie's Garden Centre for their Brie and Cranberry toasties....bliss.

2. A few weeks later myself, Blair and the whole family attended Blair's cousin's wedding. I had made an appointment for a hairdresser to do my hair all fancy for the first time ever and it was so exciting. We had such a fun day and night and the bride and groom both looked amazing. Looking back, I'm so relieved and surprised we even got to go because Blair caught a bug the day before and was so unwell, thankfully the worst of it only lasted 24 hours and Cinderella and the Prince could still go to the ball. (Blair's going to kill me for referring to him as 'the Prince').

3. Throughout the whole Summer, aforementioned bestie Hannah and I took advantage of the light nights and went on so many nice walks and adventures. We would walk and talk for hours and I'm really missing them, especially since the nights are getting darker every day now.

4. Following on from a theme, walking was a huge part of my Summer in general and one particular walk that stands out was when my family and I climbed a hill in Stirling. Calling it a hill seems to really undermine it but I promise it was slightly more of a big deal than that, not quite a hill but not quite a mountain either!  It was quite hard at some parts and the terrain was so rocky but the views from the top were amazing.

5. I turned 19 near the end of June which of course was a Summer highlight. I had such a lovely day with all my family and then Blair, my parents and I all went out for a nice meal when Blair had finished work.

6. A few days after my birthday I went to see Taylor Swift perform in Glasgow. I was originally meant to be going with my friend Mhegan but she couldn't make it so my superman boyfriend swept in to save the day and reluctantly accompany me. (He absolutely loved it and has not stopped singing since, someone help me find his 'off' button).

7. A few weeks after my birthday, Blair and I made an impulse decision to go to the Safari Park. However, we didn't really think it through and by the time we got there it was absolutely pouring. Surprisingly, the rain made the day even more fun and looking back on this funny day always makes me smile.

8. It's always been Blair's family's tradition to go to St Andrews for a few days in the Summer and since we've been a couple, I've tagged along too. We always have the best weekend and I absolutely love it there, it's so beautiful.


9. I spent so much of my Summer going on day trips to a little seaside town called Anstruther, which is actually really close to St. Andrews. The walks are absolutely stunning and it's home to an award winning Fish and Chip Shop which has actually been branded the best in the UK (they're seriously not lying, I'm craving). There's actually nothing better than walking along the beach with a chippy in hand!

10. In July, the most anticipated part of my Summer finally arrived. Blair and I went to Barcelona and had the absolute time of lives'. I won't bore you with details but I wrote a post about it here.

11. A few weeks after our return it was time to jet off again but this time with my family. We travelled around the States for a week and then went on a Caribbean Cruise. It was so hard to choose a picture for this memory but I settled on a pic of my Mum and I beside the Mississippi River. You can read about our adventure here.

12. I'm so glad I held off on writing this blog post until Summer had officially ended because on the Saturday before I went back to Uni I had my last great day of Summer 2015. I went in to Stirling with Hannah to surprise our best friend Emma who has just moved there for Uni. She had no idea I was coming and starting crying and we all had a little hugging movie moment. It was so good to just hang out and meet her lovely flatmates who better take good care of her!!!

I had such a great Summer and writing about all these memories made me so happy! What were some of the highlights of your holidays? Thanks for reading!


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