Monday, 28 September 2015

Favourites From Oasis' V&A Collection

In the past six months or so my Oasis obsession has progressed at a rapid rate which has had tragic repercussions on my bank account. I have owned a few things from here in the past but I've recently had a spiritual awaking and realised just how much I love pretty much everything they sell. However, just when I thought I couldn't love Oasis anymore they brought out their V&A Collection.

The best part about this collection, other than the fact that every single thing in it is to die for, is the story and history behind it. Oasis teamed up with London's Victoria and Albert Museum of Art and Design and handpicked their favourite prints from their archives. They then transcribed these prints on to beautifully made clothes and literally re-created works of art. Someone bring me the person who came up with that amazing idea because I want to meet them, how creative and inspiring is that? The original collection was launched earlier this year but Oasis have recently released a "part 2". 

So not only are you wearing something beautiful, you're actually sporting a bit of history too. Oasis' 'Print of the Moment', which is black with bright florals as seen in the top row, is definitely my favourite print from the current collection. Like most of the collection, it was designed by William Kilburn who lived between 1745-1818. He became famous as a botanical illustrator who recreated naturalistic plants and flowers. I bet he would never have imagined that girls living two centuries after his death would be wearing his designs! Although I want everything shown above, I love the cropped top and floral trousers on the far left and right. The whole collection makes for co-ord heaven!

At the moment, I technically only own two of the items on my wish list of faves. The reason I say technically is because I bought my Mum the really floral, crew neck jumper in the bottom left hand corner, with the intention of sharing it as we're the same size. We also just bought the jumper next to it with the floral collar and shirt-tails but need to exchange it for a smaller size. However, I'm excited to incorporate both of these jumpers in to my wardrobe when it starts to get chillier and still bring a splash of colour with me in to the colder months. 

What do you think of the V&A Collection, do you own anything from it? Let me know your favourite prints featured in this post. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Oasis have just stunning prints don't they?! I'm loving this current collection - shame I'm from the UK! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. They are all to die for!! Aw I live in Scotland so getting the weather to wear any of this is definitely a rarity!! Xx


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