Friday, 31 July 2015

Blogging Re-birth (...again)

From the age of sixteen I've dabbled in the world of blogging. Now nineteen, there must be something that draws me back every time to try my hand at it again and again. However, through out this time I have experienced just how intimidating blogging can be.

Starting out as a small blog with a handful of followers who probably clicked the follow button by accident is daunting. It's difficult to read the hundreds of comments that flood in almost instantly on other people's posts when you're lucky to receive one or two. In a nutshell, writing a baby blog can sometimes feel like talking to a brick wall.

On top of this predicament, I begin to wonder if I'm just not qualified enough to write a blog. I feel like an imposter spewing out my 'skin care and beauty tips' like the Ten Commandments because the spot I currently have on my eyebrow is making it difficult for me to fill them in. It's taken me nineteen years to learn how to French plait so could I really write a post proclaiming I'm fully in control of my hair? I don't travel more than the average person. I can't cook. So where does that leave me?

The expectation, which I'll admit I have placed on myself, to create this masterpiece displaying flawless curls, the most extravagant days out and the gourmet meals I have prepared is really limiting. In reality my nails are chipped, I use a step by step guide to do eyeliner flicks (which is only successful approximately 2 days out of 7)  and I still eat potato smiley faces.

But perhaps the thing that continually entices me back to blogging, which I presume is my love of writing, is enough?  I guess time will tell. But for now I want to share my experiences, thoughts, and maybe even that step by step eyeliner guide without comparing myself to the glossy, exciting lifestyle blogs that simply aren't me.

So from here on in marks my new attitude towards blogging and all I can say is Oh Deer.

Thanks, Emma. X



  1. I totally know how you feel, I've just recently started up my new blog after a few previous attempts. I understand the 'intimidating' thing - I find it so daunting but I just love writing too. Also...I had potato smiley faces for tea last night!


    1. Aww thank you!! Feels good to know others feel the same, us baby bloggers have to stick together. Smiley faces are the best!!! xx


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