Thursday, 12 May 2016

8 Holiday Beauty Must Haves

The countdown is on and with less than two weeks until Blair and I jetset off on holiday, I'm finally starting to get organised (and by that I mean I've bought one cute lil Boux Avenue bikini which may make an appearance on Insta if I fit in enough cycles and swims between now and then). As you know, I'm quite the planner and I do tend to get a little bit stressed when it comes to packing *checks I've packed my retainer 18 times a minute*, so this year I've made bullet journal lists galore just to check (and quadruple check) that we have everything we need. However, out of everything that needs to be done, I definitely find packing beauty products the most difficult. I love getting ready with all of my luxuries at hand so narrowing them down and planning for every beauty eventuality is so bloomin hard. So this week, I've combed through my collection and picked out 8 products I simply couldn't leave behind for a week in the sun.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday Five #5: 6th May 2016

Hey chummies, I'm super duper happy to be back posting another Friday Five because believe it or not, I've not posted one since the beginning of bloomin April!! Throwback Thursday (Friday) to my first ever Friday Five when we thought that there was a possibility of this becoming a weekly thing, lol like that was ever going to happen. However, as much as I struggle getting round to posting them, I really love writing these posts because it does just feel like sitting down with a coffee and chatting with my gal pals, so I really hope that you like reading them and being on this weird virtual coffee date with me too. This week has been my first official week of chilling and I literally feel like a new woman. I've already been able to catch up with lots of TV and lots of friends (not sure which I've preferred tbh) and I just feel so bloomin free and independent. However, I'm seriously looking forward to Blair finishing up next week so we can start going on trips to the zoo and getting excited for our holiday which is less than three weeks away (!!!),  although I'm so unprepared so I'm pretty sure next week will be full of last minute holiday shopping panic as opposed to cute zoo trips. However, without further ado, here are my faves from my first week of freedom.

Monday, 2 May 2016

8 Ways to Have the Most Productive Day Ever

If you've read my latest post then you'll know that I've got high hopes and ambitions for the Summer. However, if I'm even in with a chance of achieving any of the things I want to do, I'm actually going to have to force myself to get out of bed, put a bra on and be productive. There's nothing I love more than a super productive day where I'm able to exaggeratedly tick everything off of my to do list whilst I make sure everyone is watching because, take note, this gal just slayed today. Plus, it's a well known fact that one productive day is equal to about nine days of chilling, so getting everything done just means that you're 100% entitled to a guilt-free rest of the week of Netflix, pizza and Twitter scrolling because, lets be honest, you deserve it. So here are 8 ways to make sure you get stuff done and have the most productive day ever.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Embracing a New Routine

I've finally crawled my way over the finish line of second year of Uni, and despite being slightly traumatised and metaphorically gasping for breath (and sleep), I've got my life back. This year at Uni has been interesting, to say the least, and although I've had some great times with amazing people, there have been parts of it that have been bloomin hard. No one really prepares you for how much Uni takes over your life, especially if you're a qualified full-time worrier like me, and I'm looking forward to breaking up with the clingy library and dreaming about something other than assignments. Plus, not having to wake up while the moon is still in the sky and being able to turn off that dreaded 6:30 alarm is the definition of bliss, bye boo see you never.

Monday, 18 April 2016

17 Summer Shoe Picks and a Chance to Win £500 Worth of Shoes

If you've read my latest post you'll know that I've finally taken the brave plunge to say goodbye to my Winter wardrobe, pretend that it's more than 6 degrees outside and start dressing hella cute for Spring and Summer (if it ever actually arrives). This transition also means giving my boots, who are literally screaming out for mercy and a re-heel, a well deserved break. You served me well this Winter gals. There's just something about shoes that give me all the warm feelings inside and I'm such a firm believer that a nice shoe can take an semi-average outfit to a solid 12/10. I'm so blooming excited to bring more pointed toes and floral prints in to my life this Summer so I  scouted out some of the beauties that I would gladly accept in to my collection with very wide open arms. (And will be telling you how you could potentially get £500 to add to yours too!).