Saturday, 18 June 2016

Dear Diary: Embracing Your Scars and Imperfections

I've retyped this intro a good five times because omg how do I be inspirational but funny and honest but not cringy?? Ummm, maybe I'll just be a nice, hearty mix of all four and hope that by the end of reading this you'll be feeling uplifted and have sore abs from chortling away at my jokes and won't be reaching for a sick bucket. I love being an over-sharer on the Internet, in fact, I pride myself on it. However, sometimes being an over-sharer also means that you have to be open and (ewww) a bit vulnerable, and not only wear your heart on your sleeve but maybe your liver, spleen and a couple of kidneys too. Because even though your Instagram life looks waaay better than your fave Sims family who were literally swimming in cash because you went a bit overboard with the Motherlode cheat, we all still have our own imperfections, flaws and insecurities. And guess what gal pals? That's sooo okay.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Big Summer Beauty Haul

For the past few months I've been on the biggest saving spree of life (mainly because I booked a holiday then remebered that I would probs have to eat a lil bit when I was there but then realised hey gal unless eight days worth of food costs £3.54 then you're gonna be a bit hungry). I actually got really good at it, partly because I had no choice cause gal loves food, suncream and water parks, all of which cost money but also because it was a really good way to channel my inner stress and control freak syndrome. So before I knew it, I was on track to win the 2016 Olympic gold for saving, moving more and more of my wages in to my savings whilst my current account screamed in confusion as to why I was cheating on it with this new bank account it had never heard of before and why I'd not paid a visit to ASOS in like 11 weeks.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Knicker Making With Top Drawer Diva

It's a well known fact that I love crafts. It's also fairly well known that I love pants. So when Top Drawer Diva gloriously combined the two and invited me to their knicker making Scottish launch party, I knew I was in for pretty much the best night ever. The Top Drawer Divas, Clare and Vicki, have had five years of success in England with their business that combines their backgrounds in lingerie, design and fabric technology. They aim to provide fun, activity-based hen parties and 'crafternoons' (I sooo wish every afternoon was a crafternoon) and they've now finally made the move to extend to Scotland, which we all know is where the best hen dos are at!!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Dear Diary: A Well Needed Break

I'm currently sat on some suave looking garden furniture writing this with my laptop perched on my knees, which are peeling to the extent that I look a bit like I've acquired a rare skin disease. I got back from the fabbiest break to Tenerife a few nights ago and even though I'm still on a bit of a Fanta Lemon comedown, the fact that the sun has followed me home and Scotland is actually sitting above 11°C is deffo softening my holiday blues (although I'm reluctant to talk about this insane weather out loud too much in fear of scaring it off cause gal got to maintain her tan).

Thursday, 12 May 2016

8 Holiday Beauty Must Haves

The countdown is on and with less than two weeks until Blair and I jetset off on holiday, I'm finally starting to get organised (and by that I mean I've bought one cute lil Boux Avenue bikini which may make an appearance on Insta if I fit in enough cycles and swims between now and then). As you know, I'm quite the planner and I do tend to get a little bit stressed when it comes to packing *checks I've packed my retainer 18 times a minute*, so this year I've made bullet journal lists galore just to check (and quadruple check) that we have everything we need. However, out of everything that needs to be done, I definitely find packing beauty products the most difficult. I love getting ready with all of my luxuries at hand so narrowing them down and planning for every beauty eventuality is so bloomin hard. So this week, I've combed through my collection and picked out 8 products I simply couldn't leave behind for a week in the sun.